There is no healthy alternative to a bag of chips. Or is there? Find out.

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The deliciously healthy Max Protein chips contain 25g of nourishing protein and 10g of fiber. That’s not all. They also contain no white carbs i.e. no rice, corn, wheat or potato – ingredients that tend to spike up your blood sugar levels, making you feel hungry sooner than usual.

You will be pleased to know that RiteBite Max Protein chips are packed with the power of super grains like jowar, quinoa, oats and ragi along with the goodness of pulses like soya, urad and chickpeas.

Max Protein chips strike the perfect balance between health and taste. They’re fried using a special technique, reducing oil content up to 35% compared to regular chips. That’s not all. They are prepared in rice bran oil which has lower saturated fat.

Yes, you will be delighted to know that our chips are gluten-free.

Two of our beloved Max Protein chips variants - Desi Masala and Salt & Pepper have no garlic or onion.

Kids will absolutely enjoy Max Protein chips which come in exciting flavours like Peri Peri, Chinese Manchurian and many more. They are an ideal mid-morning or evening snack for kids!

Max Protein chips can be a great mid-morning or evening snack. Whenever you feel like indulging in a healthy and delicious snack, just go and grab our can of chips.

Max Protein chips have a shelf life of 6 months.



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