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Unhealthy snacks are feeding your cravings and feeling you with lots of unwanted calories, which make you, feel guilty. Max Protein Daily is a range of healthy, handy and delicious protein bars that satisfy your hunger and leave you feeling more energized. It’s not just any snack. It’s a power snack.

After eating a Max Protein bar, you feel full for longer, which helps you control your hunger pangs. In addition to that, you can also exercise for longer, which helps you to burn more calories. Even better, these bars have no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners. Max Protein bars are made from superior blend of protein with fiber, which keeps you full for longer period of time. In addition to that, it also gives you upto 2 hours sustained energy and fuels your workouts better.

When your body starts to lose protein during the day, you start craving for a food/snack. Switch your snack with a power snack. Max Protein Daily is the perfect power snack with a superior protein blend of soy, whey and casein (milk protein), satisfying your hunger and making you feel more energized.

Due to busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, you may not always find the time for a balanced meal, which can deprive your body of its daily protein requirement. Max Protein Daily is the perfect on-the-go power snack that provides your body with a superior source of protein and fuels you with upto 2 hours sustained energy.

Your body doesn't store protein, in fact it loses protein every day due to natural body wear and tear. Everyday you need to replenish the protein since it is essential in improving your overall health, such as it improves skin and hair health, aids in the production of enzymes and hormones, and repairs the daily wear and tear of your body etc.

With a variety of flavours like orange, coffee, chocolate & berries, Max Protein bars are anything but bland. They are a range of wholesome protein bars that give you balanced nutrition without compromising on taste.

You can satisfy your hunger pangs with Max Protein Daily starting at only 60 rupees, to give your body a much-needed boost of protein to re-energize yourself.

Your protein requirement depends on your body weight. Ideally for a sedentary lifestyle you need 1 gram of protein per kilogram everyday., . However, this can vary depending on factors such as your daily activity levels, your age and your personal health goals.

You can eat a protein bar anytime you feel tired or hungry. You could even choose to eat one for breakfast, if you’ve skipped breakfast or lunch, if you feel you did not have a well-balanced meal or even between meals as a snack. Max Protein bars are made to ensure you don’t have to give up on your taste buds while eating healthy snacks. So, just to keep it simple – have protein bar for everyday healthy snacking habit.

Once you try Max Protein bars, you will discover that these bars replenish the protein your body loses every day, due to natural body wear and tear. Being a power snack that is packed with protein, it also provides your body with essential nutrients such as fibre, electrolytes, omega-3, and 21 vitamins & minerals.





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