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One is always caught between snacking yummy or snacking healthy. We put an end to this dilemma. With RiteBite, we bring you a range of wholesome nutrition bars that are fueled with the goodness of natural ingredients, contain no preservatives and come in six carefully crafted variants.

Our deliciously healthy nutrition bars contain natural ingredients like seeds, nuts , berries, and yogurt.

Yes, most certainly they do. RiteBite Nutrition bars come in delicious flavours - from nuts & seeds and fruits & seeds to yogurt berry and peanut butter, every variant is fueled with the goodness of natural ingredients.

The natural ingredients in RiteBite Nutrition bars are loaded with health benefits. For instance, seeds are a source of micronutrients, oats are a source of fiber, and nuts are a source of good fat and protein. That’s not all. Berries are rich in antioxidants and quinoa crispies contain low GI and provide sustained energy.

Yes, most certainly they are

Yes, two of our most beloved nutrition bars are vegan - Nuts & Seeds and Peanut Butter.

Whenever you’re craving something light and delicious, you can pick up our nutrition bar. Ideally, it makes for an excellent mid-morning or quick evening snack. That’s not all. It also serves your late night cravings just right.

We would recommend you to pick up our protein bars for meal replacement.

Yes, kids can most certainly consume our nutrition bars. Mothers often find it difficult to include nuts and seeds in their kid’s diet or get rid of chocolates. But with RiteBite Nutrition bars, they’re snacking healthy and yummy, all at the same time.

Yes, our nutrition bars are 100% vegetarian. In fact, they contain no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners as well.

Nutrition Bar

RiteBite Sports 480g
(Pack of 12)
Rs. 480

RiteBite Peanut Butter 480g
(Pack of 12)
Rs. 480

RiteBite Yogurt Berry 420g
(Pack of 12)
Rs. 420

RiteBite Fruits & Seeds 420g
(Pack of 12)
Rs. 480

RiteBite Nuts & Seeds 420g
(Pack of 12)
Rs. 480

RiteBite Choco Delite 480g
(Pack of 12)
Rs. 420

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