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Power of Super grains

Super Grains are a blend of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, which help improve gut health and provide sustained energy. The combination of super grains and pulses make for a great alternative to refined white carbs.

No White Carbs

White carbs lack fiber and protein, causing an increase in blood sugar levels, which then drop rapidly, leading to tiredness and sudden hunger pangs. Whereas, wholesome grains provide nutrients that make you feel full and satisfied for much longer.


Helps Satiate Hunger

Low Gl

Helps Manage
Blood Sugar Levels

gluten Free

Easy On The Stomach


Helps Improve Digestion

35% Less Fat

Than Regular Chips



Packs a punch in every crunch:

Cream & Onion

Rs. 120

Peri Peri

Rs. 120

Cheese & Jalapeno

Rs. 120

Chinese Manchurian

Rs. 120

Salt & Pepper

Rs. 120

Desi Masala

Rs. 120

Spanish Tomato

Rs. 120

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