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Best Protein Bars in India:

RiteBite Max Protein is the first company to introduce a protein bars in India. There are various ranges of protein bars – 10g, 20g, and 30g available. All the ranges have several interesting flavors. We have three different varieties of protein since one can choose them according to their need. 10 g Daily protein bar could be consumed by everyone for maintaining good health. 20 g Active protein bars can be consumed by those whose lifestyle is a bit active. 30g Ultimate protein bar could be consumed by the ones who are into heavy workouts. Also, one can consume these bars when on a weight loss diet. Also, one can use these bars as a meal replacement.

Max Protein Daily Salt & Caramel Bar

₹75 ₹1,800

A BAR FOR EVERYONE: With 10gm protein and fiber, Max Protein Bars are the perfect bar for your daily lifestyle with no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners.SUSTAINED ENERGY: Max Protein...

Max Protein Daily Choco Almond

₹75 ₹1,800

Max Protein Daily Choco Almond bar has a nuttier crunch of almonds and chocolates with a balanced mix of nutrients. It contains 10 gm Proteins, 5 gm Fiber, 21 Vitamins...

Max Protein Daily Choco Berry

₹75 ₹1,800

Max Protein Daily Choco Berry bar is an amazing fusion of berries and chocolates with a balanced mix of nutrients. It contains 10 gm Proteins, 5 gm Fiber, 21 Vitamins &...

Max Protein Daily Choco Classic

₹70 ₹1,680

Max Protein Daily Choco Classic bar is made of delightful chocolate with a balanced mix of nutrients. It contains 10 gm Proteins, 5 gm Fiber, 21 Vitamins & Minerals, Electrolytes,...

Max Protein Daily Fruit & Nut

₹75 ₹1,800

Max Protein Daily Fruit & Nut bar is filled with fruits & nuts and rose to satisfy your cravings. This bar is sugar-free and sufficient in protein (10gm) and fiber...

Max Protein Active Choco Slim

₹125 ₹1,500

Max Protein Choco Slim bar is packed with protein and gives you the blissful and soothing taste of chocolate brownie. It has high protein (20gm) and fiber (5gm) to keep...

Max Protein Active Choco Fudge

₹125 ₹1,500

Max Protein Choco Fudge is an undeniably delicious bar made with select nuts like almonds and cashews and a rich base of chocolate with high protein (20gm), fiber (5gm), and...

Max Protein Active Peanut Butter

₹130 ₹1,560

BAR FOR EVERYONE: With 20gms of protein in each bar and 5gms of fiber and goodness of protein-rich Peanut Butter Max Protein Peanut Butter protein bar is irresistible for all...

Max Protein Ultimate Choco Almond

₹175 ₹2,100

Max Protein Ultimate Choco Almond has the nuttier crunch of almonds and chocolate. It contains 30gm Protein, 10gm Fiber, 5.5gm Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA), 2gm Glutamine, 21 Vitamin &...

Max Protein Ultimate Choco Berry

₹175 ₹2,100

Max Protein Ultimate Choco Berry bar is a delicious combination of chocolate & exotic berries. It contains 30gm Protein, 10gm Fiber, 5.5gm Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA), 2gm Glutamine, 21...

Max Protein Active Green Coffee Beans

₹130 ₹1,560

Max Protein Green Coffee Beans is made for all coffee lovers. This 100% vegetarian bar consists of 21 vital Vitamins & Minerals, Electrolytes, Omega 3, Amino acids (L-Glutamine), high protein...

Max Protein Daily Variety Bars - Pack of 6


Get a quick recharge with the nutty and creamy 10g RiteBite Max Protein Choco Classic bar, and enjoy the irresistible combo of nutrition and flavour. Packed with omega-3, fibre, vitamins...

Buy Protein Bars Online in India

Protein bars are great pre- or post-workout snacks, and as a snack to keep blood sugar balanced during busy days. These bars can be an ideal travel partner. Generally, people in India tend to skip meals because of their work commitments. These bars are convenient to keep with you at your desk or in your bag for a quick snack on the go. Now, no need to sit empty stomach when you have your meal partner with you.

Benefits of Protein Bars:

Max protein bars are loaded with healthy ingredients which is a convenient source of nutrients. It's available easily, on-the-go snack, ready to eat which will make you feel energetic for a longer period of time.

  • It supports Pre- & Post-Workout – since it can be your best workout partner.
  • It is a good source of energy and keeps you going throughout the day.
  • It also can be used as a meal replacement option for somebody who is on a weight loss diet. It can increase muscle protein synthesis and thus can help build muscle mass. They can also help you maintain your weight by inducing satiety and keeping you full for a longer time.

Protein Bars for Weight loss:

It helps you in your weight loss journey by inducing satiety and preventing overeating. It also helps in increasing the metabolic rate. It helps in reducing hormones that induce hunger. It also reduces hormones like ghrelin which makes you hungry. Protein digestion requires more energy thus it will help boost your calorie-burning capacity. These bars will boost your metabolism and help to maintain muscle and strength.

How to Choose the Best Protein Bars in India?

A good protein bar is made using a blend of different proteins such as Whey protein concentrate, Soy protein isolate & Caseinates, various nuts, oil seeds, and many more nutritious ingredients. Look for the bars that are made of natural ingredients that are available, and no chemical preservatives are used. Also, RiteBite Max Protein bars contain added vitamins, and minerals to boost your immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can eat protein bars?

    All age groups people can consume protein bars. Recommended dietary allowance of protein is about 1g per kg body weight that is if you weigh 60 kg you require 60g of protein every day. So protein bars can help you meet your protein needs.

    • Those who are doing heavy work-outs would require more protein in their diet.
    • Those who are weight checkers/on a weight loss diet can have protein bars.
    • People who are on muscle gain can have them.
    • A person can have protein bars daily to maintain a positive balance of protein in the body.
    • It can be an ideal school tiffin snack, it can be consumed after any physical activity – like swimming running, yoga, exercise, dancing, etc.
  2. Is a protein bar good for weight loss?

    Protein bars keep you full for a longer time, so they can help with weight loss as they will reduce overeating. They also help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for an individual. Protein also gives you the energy to keep you going. It helps maintain strength, muscle, and body composition.

  3. Can protein bars make you fat?

    Having a bar before or after working out would help gain muscle mass and won’t make you fat. However, bars that are very high in calories can cause healthy weight gain which is also necessary.

  4. Are protein bars good for muscle gain?

    A protein bar is a convenient way to add protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to your diet. It can help you gain muscle mass since protein is a building block of your muscles. Therefore, when you have protein bars it can lead to muscle growth.

  5. Are protein bars good every day?

    Protein bars are generally safe to consume. However, one must read the label content thoroughly. People with existing medical treatments should take advice from their doctor before consuming. Rest anyone can have a protein bar in their regular diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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