Why white carbs are not your best friends! OR Wheat, rice, corn, potato; what do they have in common?
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Why white carbs are not your best friends! OR Wheat, rice, corn, potato; what do they have in common?

Are you someone who drools at the sight of pizza, cakes and french fries? Do you find yourself reaching for another bite, and then another when these delicious treats are in front of you? These foods are the culprit when it comes to gaining unhealthy weight.

 But what about everyday items like bread, pasta, mashed potatoes, and biscuits? These items are called white carbs or refined carbs. A fun fact about them? They can totally put your weight loss out of whack!

Packed with only calories, these items don’t really provide a lot of nutrients. That’s not all. They are not filling enough. That way you end up eating more than required.

If you refine the carbs, what do you miss out on?

Here is a question you need to ask before you decide to eat a loaf of white bread. Usually, the process of refining removes the 2 outer layers of the whole grain.

Now consider 3 layers in a whole wheat grain. The outer layer is rich in fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. The middle one provides you with protein, essential fats, some more vitamins and minerals. The innermost part of the grain is rich in starch.

Refining removes the first 2 layers to improve the shelf life of the grain. But in the process, you lose out on a lot of nutrients as well.

The effect of White Carbs on health

  1. Refining of the grain promotes overeating, which leads to obesity. White carbs digest quickly and release sugar swiftly in the blood, making you hungry pretty soon. Basically, the more you consume white carbs, the sooner you get hungry. This is how overeating and obesity sets in.
  2. White carbs overtime can lead to insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels which are hallmark symptoms of type-2 diabetes.
  3. Studies suggest that white carbs raise blood triglyceride levels, compromising your heart health.

The ultimate question: should you stop eating white carbs completely?

The answer to that is a big NO! Restriction might only result in binge eating. The best way to tackle this is by consuming white carbs in moderation and including foods made from whole grains and millets.

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