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Safely scrumptious | Automated, no-touch manufacturing of bars!

One bar (or six),
to rule them all

Each RiteBite bar is crafted for your palate. Want to cap off your productive evening workout? Try out our Sports Bar! Want something light to munch on? Try the Yogurt Berry bar! Each flavour has a distinct taste but is made with the same value - to bring healthy habits into your lives, without the fuss.


All things natural,

The worst thing to do, when you're trying to get into healthy habits, is to consume artificial flavours on a daily basis. That is why all RiteBite bars have zero preservatives, no added flavours, and only natural ingredients. So that when you take a bite, you're met with fresh, light and only rite nutrients!


Making healthy, convenient

In our busy lives, health often takes a backseat for most of us. Probably because all things healthy either taste terrible, or need Michelin Star-level cooking skills. We, at RiteBite, are all about making healthy a lot more convenient, bite-sized and delicious! Our bars have hand-picked, tasty berries, superfoods and a whole lot of nutritious ingredients wrapped in a bar that is handy to travel with, and even easier to consume.

Making Healthy

The story of Naturell India

Naturell India was founded with the vision of making our country fitter and more aware of healthier eating habits. Known today as a ‘protein company’, Naturell offers a range of healthy eating options, from snack bars and protein bars to breakfast cookies and protein chips. The company’s vision is to provide the finest nature-based products that will help consumers adopt a healthier lifestyle. And every product embodies that vision.