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Frequently Asked Questions

As the name suggested, plant protein is simply a protein found in plants only, not from any animals or fish. Protein is included in a variety of foods, though mainly plant proteins are found in nuts, legumes, seeds, and beans. Plant protein is rich in micronutrient profiles such as magnesium, zinc, and potassium that you get from plants. Vegan / Plant protein powders will also give you a full profile of Essential Amino Acids for optimal muscle recovery and growth. Plant proteins are completely free from lactose hence for someone who has a problem digesting dairy-based products, plant-based protein powders are the best alternatives.

Plant protein powders are vegan, cruelty-free, Environment-friendly, packed with nature-based protein, and full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Max Protein’s Plant Protein Powder is a blend of 7 super grains delivering the sort of well-rounded, high-quality protein and a good quantity of amino acid profile that all gym and athletes seek.

No matter what your lifestyle is, all women can consume our Plant Protein Powder. It also helps in improving metabolism, and skin & hair health. Plant protein contains minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants which improve immunity, balance hormones, and keep overall health and mood balanced. Plant protein is free from hormones. Unlike animal protein, this prevents its interference with the body’s hormone cycle.

Protein is a building block of muscle for males and female both. RiteBite Max Plant Protein Powder provides all essential amino acids which will help in muscle growth if you regularly exercise.

Probiotics are live bacteria & yeasts that are beneficial especially for your digestive system. They are referred to as “good” or “helpful” bacteria that will keep your gut healthy.

Probiotics are generally considered safe and often they can help in treating various medical conditions like diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. It can also aid in digestion, and keep bad bacteria in control. It also helps in increasing the absorption of protein by your body.

The probiotics used are a blend of Bacillus subtilis, and Bacillus clausii, with a total count of 10 billion CFU/g. They are procured from non-animal sources and hence are vegan.

RiteBite Max Protein Powder contains a unique blend of Enzymes (Proteases) & probiotics which will help you with protein digestion and. Protease helps in the faster breakdown of proteins which along with the probiotics helps faster absorption.

Protease enzymes will help break down protein which helps in the digestion of protein. It also helps in reducing indigestion issues related to protein digestion.

Protein powder helps in meeting our daily protein requirements while keeping a check on the calories and sugar intake. It supplements vegetarian and vegan diets and helps in muscle building, muscle repair and recovery from injuries. It helps reduce age-related muscle loss.

BCAA will help promote muscle growth, it will also help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, and will also prevent muscle wasting. Max Protein Plant Protein Powder has approx. 3.5g BCAA per serving.

Max Protein is known for having a tasty range of protein snacks and is loved by over millions of consumers. Our senior R&D team has developed a Patented (applied) process of making the Plant Protein tastier than ever without compromising on vital minerals and vitamins available in the grains. Our plant protein comes in 6 delicious flavours and taste like a milkshake, such that can relish it rather than gulping it down.

No, it has 0 added sugar. Max Protein Plant Powder is a sugar-free protein powder that won’t impact your blood glucose levels.

For gaining weight you have to be on a calorie-surplus diet by consulting a recognized dietitian. Additional calories need to be taken along with the protein powder if you are on the weight gain diet. On your weight loss journey, diet and exercise play a very important role. Hence one should be careful in choosing the ingredients. You can add RiteBite Max Plant Protein Powder into your daily diet to increase your protein intake and cut down on fat and carbohydrates which will help you to lose weight. Having protein will also keep you full for a longer time thus delaying your next meal.

You can have RiteBite Max Plant Protein Powder with water as well as milk. You can add it to your smoothies, milkshakes, pancakes, dosa batter, roti/paratha dough, cookies, muffins, oatmeal, etc.

We have a patented technology to extrude and dry the powder blend which in turn can get more easily digested and absorbed in the body.

RiteBite Max Protein Powder is available in 7 delicious flavors i.e. Swiss Chocolate, Belgian Exotic Dark Chocolate, Alphonso Mango, Banana Caramel, Creamy Vanilla, Digestive Masala, and Cold Coffee. Digestive Masala is one of the very unique flavors which is loaded with ginger, cumin, mint, and rock salt which will also help you boost your immunity. We also have Protein Roti Mix, which can be simply added to your regular Atta (Flour), pancake, batter, or any baking recipe to enhance the protein content.

Protein is like water. You need to take it every day, whether you are working out or simply resting at home. Ideally, we need 1G protein per 1kg of our weight every day, hence if you are 65kg and not involved in heavy physical activities you still need 65g of protein every day.

Carbohydrate is a basic source of energy. It is divided into two – Simple & Complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates come from sugar, Jaggery, etc. which can shoot up your sugar level quickly. Complex carbohydrates come from whole grains, beans, etc. which won’t shoot up your sugar levels that quickly. So, the carbohydrates in RiteBite Max Plant Protein Powder are complex which is coming from grains. Complex carbohydrates also take longer to digest (because they have more fiber) which will make you feel full for a longer time and thus will also help in maintaining weight.

Add 1 scoop (50g) of RiteBite Max Protein Plant Protein Powder to 250ml water or any milk of your choice to a shaker. Add ice cubes as per your choice.

No, we don’t have Maltodextrin in our formulation.

While we recommend having your healthy meal on time every day, however in case you are running out of time, it can be taken as a meal replacement as it has required protein, fiber good carbs coming from grains.

Yes, as the source of protein is only plants.

While you can consume it anytime, we recommend it taking post your workout.

RiteBite Max Plant Protein Powder delivers about 22g of protein per scoop.

Protein replenishes and re-energises. You may not always be active, but your body still loses protein daily, leaving you feeling tired. Now, you can grab a Max Protein Bar! It is packed with the power of protein, and the goodness of fiber, glutamine, omega-3, and 21 vitamins & minerals, all of which provide you with balanced nutrition. That’s not all. In fact, every bar of Max Protein is a delicious and handy power snack that fuels you with long hours of sustained energy.

Yes, Max Protein Bars are 100% vegetarian! In fact, they contain no preservatives or artificial sweeteners either. All the bars are made from a complete protein blend of whey, soy, and casein (milk protein), all of which fuel you with sustained energy.

You will be delighted to know that Max Protein bars are packed with a complete protein blend of whey, soy, and casein (milk protein). That’s not all. They also contain natural ingredients such as whole grain oats, flaxseeds, nuts, and 21 vitamins & minerals.

Yes, they most certainly do. Max Protein Bars come in delicious flavours — from orange and coffee to chocolate and berries, and every variant is customised to cater to different palates. With Max Protein, we bring you a range of wholesome protein bars that provide balanced nutrition without compromising on taste.

Of course! You can satisfy your hunger pangs with Max Protein Daily at only Rs. 65 and give your body a much-needed boost of protein to re-energise yourself.

Your protein requirement depends on your body weight. Ideally, you need 1 gram of protein per kilogram of your weight daily. For instance, if you weigh 70 kg, you need 70 gm of protein every day. However, this can vary depending on factors such as your daily activity levels, age, and personal health goals.

A Max Protein Bar is not just any snack. It’s packed with protein, fiber, and hours of sustained energy, making it your perfect go-to power snack.

Due to a busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, you may not always find the time to follow a diet or consume balanced meals, which can deprive your body of its daily protein requirement. The best way to tackle this is by simply keeping healthy and wholesome protein bars handy, which you can munch on whenever you feel hungry. This way, you feel energised and satisfied for a long period of time.

Yes, it is absolutely important to add protein to your daily diet. Protein is the most essential nutrient for building muscles. That’s not all. It also helps in hunger satisfaction and provides sustained energy. Max Protein Bars provide a complete protein blend of whey, soy, and casein (milk protein), which fuels you with sustained energy. Whey helps stimulate immunity, soy helps reduce cholesterol, and casein helps minimise muscle breakdown.

You will be delighted to know that Max Protein Bars don't contain preservatives or artificial sweeteners. After eating a Max Protein Bar you feel full for longer, which helps prevent those sudden hunger pangs. That’s not all. The bar also provides sustained energy, so you can exercise and be on the move.

Yes, you can consume a Max Protein Bar every day. In fact, you can eat up to 2 to 3 Max Protein Daily Bars in a day.

A woman’s body doesn’t add muscle mass the way a man's body does. Regular exercise supported with the right protein intake can help tone your muscles without you having to worry about gaining muscle mass the way a man would.

The deliciously healthy Max Protein Chips contain nourishing protein and fiber. That’s not all. They also contain no white carbs, i.e. no rice, corn, wheat, or potato – ingredients that tend to spike up your blood sugar levels, making you feel hungry sooner than usual.

You will be pleased to know that RiteBite Max Protein Chips are packed with the power of supergrains like jowar, quinoa, oats, and ragi, along with the goodness of pulses like soya, urad, and chickpeas.

Max Protein Chips strike the perfect balance between health and taste. They’re fried using a special technique, reducing oil content by up to 35% compared to regular chips. That’s not all. They are prepared in rice bran oil, which has less saturated fat.

Yes, you will be delighted to know that our chips are gluten-free.

Two of our beloved Max Protein Chip variants, Desi Masala and Salt & Pepper, contain no garlic or onion.

Kids will absolutely enjoy Max Protein Chips, which come in exciting flavours like Peri Peri, Chinese Manchurian, and Cheese & Jalapeno. They are an ideal mid-morning or evening snack for kids!

Max Protein Chips can be a great mid-morning or evening snack. Whenever you feel like indulging in a healthy and delicious snack, just go and grab a canister of our chips.

Max Protein chips have a shelf life of six months.

Our 7-grain breakfast cookies are loaded with protein, fiber, and calcium, and they contain no maida, are GMO-free, and are devoid of preservatives. Committed to your health and taste buds, we, at Max Protein, ensure nutrition and flavour in every bite. Our protein cookies contain 10 gm of protein, which equals 2 cups of dal, 4 gm of fiber, which equals 1 apple, and 300 mg of calcium, which equals 1 glass of milk. It can’t get better than this. Our cookies are also made with the goodness of 7 grains: oats, ragi, quinoa, corn, wheat, Bengal gram, and amaranth. They keep you satiated and help you curb your cravings.

Our chips can be consumed anywhere, anytime. Max Protein Cookies can be a great mid-morning or evening snack. They are also a perfect midnight snack and a great add-on to your daily diet through meals as a side. Whenever you feel like indulging in a healthy and delicious snack, just go and grab our cookies.

Indulge in our Max Protein Cookies while meeting your diet goals. Each bite only takes you towards your goals. These delicious protein cookies have the right amount of carbs and protein and a whole lot of flavour.

Our protein cookies contain 10 gm of protein, which equals 2 cups of dal, 4 gm of fiber, which equals 1 apple, and 300 mg of calcium, which equals 1 glass of milk. It can’t get better than this.

Our cookies are made with the goodness of 7 grains: oats, ragi, quinoa, corn, wheat, Bengal gram, and amaranth. They keep you satiated and help you curb your cravings.

These cookies were created from a simple idea: food should taste good and come with zero compromises. We don’t add preservatives, our chips are GMO-free, and we don’t use maida.

Be it early morning or midnight cravings or post-lunch sweet cravings, our Max Protein Cookies are a sweet treat that you can indulge in without feeling guilty.

The all-vegan RiteBite Max Protein Peanut Butter comes in 5 delicious flavors- Classic Crunchy, Classic Creamy, Choco Creamy, Spicy Chutney, and Tangy Tomato.

Yes. All peanut butter variations are made out of natural, roasted peanuts.The RiteBite Max Protein Peanut Butter is 100% natural and contains no preservatives

It doesn't have any butter in it. It is called 'Peanut Butter' because many people use it as a substitute for regular butter due to its creamy consistency and health benefits.

Absolutely. Peanut Butter provides you with essential unsaturated fats and high amounts of protein for sustained energy. It’s easy to lose strength and energy while on a diet.The RiteBite Max Protein peanut butter nourishes you with protein and good fats give you a good satiety value, refrains you from eating junk. Since it's digested slowly, it keeps you fuller for longer.

The RiteBite Max Protein Peanut Butter is 100% natural, free from any preservatives. Carefully made with no-touch manufacturing technology, RiteBite Peanut butter is gluten-free and contains no trans fats. It is high in fiber, good fats, and protein.

RiteBite Max Protein Peanut Butter variants come with a shelf life of 12 to 15 months.

1 serving size = 2 tablespoons or 32g of peanut butter.

RiteBite Max Protein peanut butter makes a perfect snack being healthy and full of vital nutrients. Two spoons of Ritebite Max Protein peanut butter with brown bread can provide long-lasting energy and help you from crashing out. If you exercise regularly, 1-2 spoons of peanut butter can enhance the nutrition quotient while bringing a naturally sweet flavour to your protein shakes.

While the tangy tomato and the spicy variant when added into your tomato pasta or your daily boring sabzi will make your recipe even more zesty and delicious.

Simply answering, no. Most RitBite Max Protein Peanut Butter consumers are those who actively take care of their bodies with an aim towards sculpting a lean, toned, and strong physique. RiteBite Peanut Butter helps you with that even with higher fat content. This is due to the presence of healthy monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in the nuts, which are essential for healthy hormonal function and the growth of the body. Peanut butter is a terrific pre-and post-workout snack because of its many health benefits.

RiteBite Max Protein Peanut Butter comes in 340g and 1kg packaging.

Yes. With its high protein content, the right balance of carbohydrates and fats, RiteBite Max Protein Peanut Butter is the preferred food by many gym-goers. 30g of RiteBite Max Protein Peanut Butter gives you approximately 8g of protein which can fulfill up to 10% of your daily protein requirements. It also serves as the perfect ingredient for a tasty and powerful protein shake.

1-2 spoons of RiteBite Max Protein Peanut Butter is advised every day. This provides you with much-needed nutrition, essential macro and micronutrients and keeps you energetic for longer periods of time.

Peanuts are rich in protein, fat and fiber. While peanuts may have a large amount of fat, most of the fats they contain are known as “good fats.” These kinds of fats actually help lower your cholesterol levels.

It's not a compulsion to refrigerate peanut butter, but it lasts longer if you store it at a cool temperature. If you prefer not to refrigerate, aim to keep it in a cool, dark place, such as the pantry.

Your delicious breakfast partner Ritebite Max Protein Muesli comes in 3 different flavours - Choco Crunchy, Fruits & Nuts and Nuts & Seeds.

The ideal ratio for having your breakfast with Ritebite Max Protein Muesli is 60g of Muesli. The size can differ depending on the hunger and what kind of energy you want to consume it for.

This Ritebite Max Protein Muesli is naturally sweetened which makes it perfect for people who are dieting or calorie-conscious. It serves the purpose of taste and gives you a good amount of nutrition and protein.

Ritebite Max Protein Muesli is naturally sweetened and doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives.

Depending on the intake of Ritebite Max Protein Muesli, it can be a perfect partner for you on your weight loss journey. With the high fiber, nuts and grains, Max Protein Muesli is very good for digestion and this breakfast buddy can completely replace your high calorie meals.

RiteBite Max Protein Muesli variants come with a shelf life of 9 months.

It's not a compulsion to refrigerate, but it lasts longer if you store it at a cool temperature. If you prefer not to refrigerate, aim to keep it in a cool, dark place, such as the pantry.

If not in breakfast, Ritebite Max Protein Muesli can be your snack partner as you can savour it directly from the ck.

Ritebite Max Protein Muesli has 2X more protein as compared to other leading muesli brands. Our Muesli stands out because it has protein, fiber, super grains, and it has all natural ingredients. One of the best things about our Muesli variants is that you can have it anytime, with milk or without milk - whenever, wherever.

All ingredients of Ritebite Max Protein Muesli are natural. It is loaded with tasty and healthy grains, nuts and other natural ingredients like seeds, fruits, Jumbo Oats, Quinoa, Wheat, Corn, Almond, Jowar, Dry Fruits, Barley, Soy, Black Gram, Rice, Cranberries, Black Raisins, Chickpea, Watermelon, Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds.

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