Exercise keeps you disease free

Scared to know about diabetes, heart attacks, cancers on the rise? Worried you might be struck too? Well, 1 greatest lifestyle change can help mitigate the risk for you. EXERCISE! Here’s how exercise can keep these following diseases at bay!

1. All sorts of heart diseases

The top beneficiary of regular exercise would be your heart. Regular exercising can improve the heart health of even those with existing disease. Exercising can also lower high blood pressure readings, one of the biggest factors affecting heart health. A lower blood pressure can also halt or slow the progression of an existing heart disease.

2. Diabetes or errant blood sugar readings

We couldn't agree more with this witty quote ‘it's not because diabetes runs in the family, its because no one runs in the family’. If you are worried you may get diabetes or are already staggering in the border, hear up! Exercising can make cells accept insulin more readily. It can also help manage excess weight (a risk factor for diabetes) and among those who already have it, slow the progression to a bad heart later.

3. Asthma

Regular exercise has shown to reduce the frequency and intensity of asthma attacks. We would suggest you check with your doctor to get a clearance on the kind of physical activity you can get.

4. Back pain

Did we hear you say “Hey, this is not a disease!” Back pain sure puts you in dis-ease! Guess what, low impact aerobic exercises can help strengthen that back muscle and pump life back into your life. Flexibility is another positive of exercise. Look out for core muscle strengthening exercises and get moving

5. Arthritis

Exercise is better to prevent and to manage arthritis! Isn't this a great news? Regular physical activity reduce stiffness in the joints and help them move better. Making exercise a part of your daily routine can help strengthen the joints that may help keep arthritis away!

6. Dementia

People with dementia can benefit with exercising. It can help with cognition in people with this condition and among those who are physically active, dementia and cognitive breakdown might not even touch you with a barb pole! Such a great news

7. Cancer

Those who have been afflicted with this disease have found to have a better quality of life and fitness by regular exercise. The great news is, exercise can prevent death from breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers.