How protein bars are truly your workout best-friends!

Protein is something that’s extremely important for one’s physical development. Especially if we’re talking about people who want to get involved in strength and resistance training and other forms of fitness-focused activities, protein is extremely vital. It’s essential for the growth and development of a new tissue, as well as the repair of damaged tissues in your body.


However, not everyone’s comfortable with consuming protein shakes or certain foods that are rich in protein. The people who do consume them, have to spend a considerable amount of time in preparing them. For people who are always in a hurry with their work-life routine, doing this can be a bit of a strain. This is where protein bars come to the rescue. Here are a few reasons why they’re the perfect solution -

  • An effective substitute for protein shakes – When we initially start working out, with the aim of getting bigger and stronger, we constantly look for different ways that can be of help to us. A quite common option is consuming protein shakes before, during and post working out. However, that is not an option a lot of families are okay with. There’s that constant paranoia that it’s going to have side effects in future, since it’s not a very natural method and consultation with dietitians only make it worse for excited beginners. Since that’s out of the picture, there are workout protein bars that are rich in fiber and hence, leave a remarkable effect, in their own nature. Protein shakes can be extremely time consuming to prepare and they can’t even be stored for a long time, unrefrigerated. Protein bars, however, offer a complete on-the-go solution and can be stored as well. protein_bar
  • Variety to vegetarians – Non vegetarians who work out regularly, usually follow diets that include a lot of boiled eggs or/and consumption of high-protein meat on a regular basis. While this helps them to an extent, vegetarians who don’t even consume protein shakes, are left with fewer options. Here’s where extra points go to protein bars again. They’re vegetarian. They’re nutritious, tasty and most of all add variety to vegetarians, with the number of flavors available.
  • The perfect (healthy) snack – People who work out, trying to lose weight have to work extremely hard when it comes to cardio exercises and to top all of that, have to follow huge changes in their diets. Some of their old diets involved snacking numerous times a day and most of the food consumed wouldn’t be termed healthy. Some people find it hard to get used to such changes, which is where protein bars come in the picture. While following your new diet, you wouldn't have to compromise a lot on the snacking bit, as long as you’re snacking, healthy.
  • Less risky than beverages - It’s a proven fact that eating something is a lot more satisfying than drinking it. On eating something, our stomachs are usually satisfied by the time we reach the end of that commodity or meal, but that’s not the case with drinking. When you don’t feel completely full on drinking a whole glass of a beverage, you tend to pour another one, which is why beverages rich in carbohydrates are quite risky. Though, they help you with a lot of calories, they’re not always satiating. Protein bars, however, are a lot less risky as they have a good amount of fiber. So, one protein bar with 4 or more grams of fiber will leave you feeling full and satisfied.
  • Not just for fitness freaks – Another notable point about protein bars is - they come in different sizes and variants. Not everyone eats it with the intention of bulking up. Got tons of work yet to complete, after a long day? Go for a 20g protein bar. Feel like John Cena after a killer work-out session? Go for the 30g protein bar. You’re binge-watching and you want something light, so you don’t feel sleepy? Go for the 10g protein bar. The important thing to remember is, it’s a snack that keeps you going. protein_bar

As we understand the advantages, it’s clear that including protein bars in your diet makes you move in one direction. Upwards. Max Protein understand the mentality of hustlers and that’s one of the reasons they make some of the best protein bars in India. If there’s one thing consumers love, it’s variety and we’ve got loads of it – in terms of flavors and protein levels.