Will these vitamins, minerals and the jazz help me with immunity?

Haan, haan, all of us have heard the drivel of the ad on TV, delivered by a man mixing powder in a glass of milk saying ‘Isme immunity vitamins and minerals hai’. Most of the time, you would change the channel or simply mute this. While irritating to listen to, that advert guy is not wrong at all!

In our earlier article, we explained what is immunity in the most common sensical way! This article is going to go a bit further and understand if at all these immunity nutrients weave their magic, or are they just making for expensive urine!

Is there a magic immunity-boosting diet or ingredient or supplement?

We cut to the chase and give answer to your burning question. Well, it is a yes and a no!

Are we confused? No.

Let us put it this way: Your immune system is like the Indian army. Is there 1 single fight or war winning formula that the army relies on? Obviously not!

Does giving the army more guns and ammunition help? Yes, to an extent. How about a morale-boosting talk from the country’s head? Yes, again to an extent! The army’s performance during a fight depends on many factors which doesn’t guarantee a win always! (In Indian Army we trust). Just like our immune system.

immunity_imgOur immune system is like the Indian army. Good food and great care will be rewarded

Do you think having more of only vitamin C helps get rid of cold and cough? No. But a balanced diet with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and many more nutrients can help BOOST the immune system. Does this guarantee you will never catch a cold or the flu? Unfortunately, NO! No wonder, a cold is called common cold!

Breaking down nutrition and its role

Every cell of our body requires nutrition. A wound in the finger is an example. If your vitamin K levels are low, the blood will take longer to clot. Similarly, if you are on an extreme diet, the wound itself will take longer to heal.

The same is the case with immune cells. Good practises like eating more of vegetables, fruits, whole grains; having enough water; getting rest and exercise will make sure your immune cells are ready to fight off any flu virus or bacteria. This is because vitamins and minerals help in the growth, optimum function and even repair of immune cells.

But treat your immune cell with high sugar fruit juice, high-fat fried items or bakery goods (which have both sugar and fat), then your immune cells will be sluggish and won’t be in the best health to fight off an infection.

immunity_systemWhat are you feeding your immune system? Nutrients for growth? Or a tiring, bad diet?

So for example, you have been eating cheesy naans with fried chicken, drinking colas and then slam dunking it with cakes. This most probably means you are not getting enough of vitamins and minerals. While it may not be evident to you immediately (your weighing scale will disagree), but you are robbing your immune cells of their function.

Immune cells requires protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, selenium, zinc, iron for multiplying, for their infection-killing ammo, and for repairing themselves after the war. In addition to these, some of these nutrients also act as antioxidants. Which means they prevent your cell from aging and getting old due to frequent immune system attacks.

lymphocytes_imgAre these your immune system cells?

Max Protein Bars to your rescue

Are you an immune system offender? That means eating not-so healthy foods, not sleeping or sleeping at odd times, not exercising then you qualify to be an immune system offender.

Don’t worry, Max protein bars have you covered. Choc-a-block with high quality whey and soy protein blend; having 21 vitamins and minerals; fibre; and even having high antioxidant variants with green tea and green coffee bean extracts, Max protein bars ensure you have a great start to the day.

Eat them for breakfast or when that chocolate or dessert craving kicks in. Not only will you be treating your tastebuds, but also your immune cells with good quality nutrition.

This is the time, after all, to take care of yourself and your immune cells!