If the year 2020 had a flavour, it would be just called ‘immunity’

Take a look at all these foods and the ingredients that scream immunity

This coronavirus gave birth to many things: lockdown, fear, a rabid need for groceries, toilet paper; and finally, weird food products with the immunity tag. No, we are not talking about consuming disinfectants like a certain president ‘Trump-eted’ boldly but something opportunistic Indian traders gave birth to.

So while you might be missing your favourite food and brands in lockdown, you would surely like to give these experimental products a big MISS. We present to you, the immunity yuck countdown.

Immunity sandesh

Starting the list with a Bengali and the whole world favourite sweet Sandesh! Well, that was before we heard about this immunity mutant form which has 15 different herbs, Himalayan honey for sweetness mixed with paneer or cottage cheese. Doesn’t sound so bad right? Wait till the taste of tulsi, bayleaf and black pepper hits you! If not for the honey, you are very well eating paneer pasanda or any masaledaar paneer dish.

According to us, this sandesh might very well get an audience who might develop a taste for it and hence ranks fifth in our list!

Immunity khakhra

While there may not be a vaccine in sight for long, but this tea time snack is claiming to boost your immunity. With ingredients straight from a science textbook such as moringa powder; this product is supposedly under ‘lab testing’ before it is launched.

So the next time you go for a grocery run, be sure to wash and sanitize your hands and then immediately eat a piece of immunity khakhra for complete protection!

The only saving grace for this product, make sure your chai is scalding hot to drown out any after taste!

Haldi ice cream

All the fans of haldi doodh in the house, raise your hands! Just as we thought! A hot glass of haldi doodh might just make you feel better but is not really a treat for the tongue.

haldi ice cream

Now imagine getting the familiar feeling of being sick while you savour this cold haldi ice cream. Some people have just managed to kill it not only for haldi doodh but also for ice cream!

Haldi cake

Haldi cake

Close on the heels of the haldi doodh, comes the haldi cake! How was this ingenious invention born? When some vanilla batter fell into a tub full of haldi! The manufacturers also added some dates and badam to soften the blow. Argh! Shall we leave the poor haldi alone already!

Chyavanprash ice cream

chyawanprash ice creamThis is how the internet reacted to the news of chyawanprash ice cream

Annndd, the winner of the immunity yuck countdown is definitely this chyawanprash ice- cream. A Karnataka-based ice cream brand just became super hyper and decided to marry the age-old Ayurvedic medicine to the most loved comfort food, ice cream. All for what, just some immunity and cheap publicity!

Damn you Corona! You have driven everyone crazy enough to make these inventions! These products are the reason why we say RIP to tastebuds! What will we see next, Cauliflower cola flavour?