Are Protein Bars Good as Meal Replacements?

The answer, laid out bare, is YES! Protein bars can double up as meal replacements. But wait! Not every bar out there can classify as meal replacer. Read on as we explain it with science!

Imagine, the protein bar has to meet the requirements of protein, carbs, fibre, fats, vitamins and minerals that you get from food AND ensure you are not hungry an hour after eating it! Phew!

Just bear with us as we discuss this, scientifically!

What are meal replacers in the first place?

Traditionally meant for elderly or those who are extremely sick!

Meal replacements, a term popular in the US, are meant to be consumed as a replacement to meal and it could come in any form. A shake powder, a bar, or even in a liquid form.

Fun Fact: Meal replacement was intended for the elderly who frequently have a nutritional deficiency or for those people who can’t consume foods normally due to illness.

From there, meal replacements have now been synonymously associated for weight loss, weight control or in some cases, for performance sports.

Let’s agree, from old sick people to weight loss, meal replacements got a glamorous make-over!!

Are meal replacement protein bars for me? Is that what you are thinking?

The Answer is YES! If you are busy and might seem like skipping meals or eating junk, then it is surely for you too!

While it is commercialized or marketed for a certain section, meal replacements can be considered for everyone!

  • The uber busy sedentary working professional,
  • The health conscious with a time crunch,
  • All those doing intermittent fasting and wanting to break it and
  • If you are bored of consuming the regular meal shake things up with a meal replacement bar

Meal replacement protein bars can be considered by everyone, once a while for sure! Also, you indeed get the benefit of weight loss. Who doesn’t want that?!

Any and every bar can’t be a meal replacement bar!!!

Meal replacement products need to abide by certain international regulations. So not every protein bar is a meal replacement

But the real question is whether any health and protein bar can make the cut as meal replacements. The answer is clearly NO!

For a health/protein bar to qualify as a meal replacement, the Codex Alimentarious has set forth some standards. The replacements have to:

  • Have anywhere between 25 – 50% of total energy as protein. Safe lower range can be 30 grams.
  • 25 – 35% of the vitamins and minerals as suggested in the recommended dietary allowance

Well that might sound too technical but remember to read the labels of your health/protein bar pack. Anything that gives 12 grams, 15 grams even 20 grams of protein is out of the window. Look for the vitamin and mineral percentage as per RDA. Also, look at the amount of sugar in the bar. Many times, you will feel like having candy for lunch. Not desirable right.

Nutrition information check: look for grams of protein; percentage of vitamins and minerals as per RDA; amount of sugar and fibre. There, you are now empowered.

Shakes versus Bars: Where is the hunger satisfaction?

Bar easily score over shakes due to hunger satisfaction. When have you ever gulped your meal? Never. But when you chew, the brain gets a signal and you slowly start feeling full. The chewier the bar, the better for filling you up.

That’s why Max Protein Ultimate 30Gm bar can double up as meal replacement

It is tasty, gives the satisfaction of eating, super filling and covers the nutritional requirements of a meal.


A safe, hygienic, nutritious, and tasty alternative to meals during virus ravaged times. Did we mention the mouthfeel is so chewy that you will get the satisfaction of eating a proper lunch? So the next time you feel like giving lunch a skip, don’t. Instead grab a

Max Protein Ultimate bar and power your way through the day.

A side note: Nothing, and we mean nothing can replace meals. Your chapatti, dal, subji, curd is enriching in variety and nutrition. Replacing meal is not sustainable for long and should be looked at as a short term alternative. Remember, eating a healthy balanced diet is the way to go for good health!