Protein Powder vs Protein Bar: What Should YOU Choose?

- Shobha Shastry, Sr Nutritionist

If you are confused and have this question in mind, then we can only say this, ‘thank god for choices’! So what should you really pick between a protein bars or shake; well to each his/her own!

No we aren’t answering this diplomatically but rather pragmatically. Both have their merits and can address your needs!


You could be considering having protein bars or shakes as a replacement to a meal for gains in weight loss. But before going any further, we would like to tell you that food is the best place to get all your nutrients. While we understand it is difficult to meet all the requirements of nutrients all the time that is where you can consider healthy protein bars or shakes. Bars or shakes are meant to complement the food you eat. By the way, not all protein bars can be a meal replacement, we address it in detail in this blog of ours!

Now coming to the bar versus shake question. We address the positives of both of them below!

Protein bar: solid better than liquid for SATIETY!

Have you ever gulped your dal, rice, roti, subji as a liquid? You get the drift. Chewing and eating your nutrition from protein bars is far more fulfilling for our stomach, appetite and taste buds that chugging it off a glass. Multiple studies published confirm that solid form of protein is much better than liquid form in terms of satiety.

Protein bar: better macronutrient and micronutrient balance

Protein bars are usually more than only protein. They also give you fibre, micronutrients and a better carb: protein: fat ratio than shakes. A well-crafted protein bar can be as complex as the meals we consume and provide us with similar nutrition. In short, protein bars are well rounded in terms of nutrition. We always recommend to read the label and understand what you are consuming. This will help you make better choices.

Protein shakes: Instant delivery of protein

You have had a heavy workout run in the gym and you require instant fuel for your muscles. In such a case, liquid protein shakes are your best bet. Most of the protein shakes are tailored to provide high doses of pure protein meant for quick muscle recovery. But if you are someone who prefers to add it to their dietary needs in the entirety of the day and meal options, protein bars can come handy.

Protein shakes: Easy to DIY

Protein shakes are so easy to make it yourself. Get in some fruit or veggies, a high protein ingredient, pulse it and you have a shake ready to drink.

Convenience and Accessibility

Protein bars takes the cake when it comes to convenience. You can stash a bar in your bag and take it on the go. Have a long working day? A protein bar can help save your day and power you on. Protein shake needs its own paraphernalia and is not very convenient.

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So what would be the verdict? Protein bars or protein shakes? We will leave the final call to you as we have presented the points in great detail! Remember to each his/her own.

Side note: Be aware of the ingredients in both bars and shakes

Both protein bars and shakes can have high sugar and tons of fillers so it is important to read the ingredient list. Thankfully, with Max Protein bars, you really needn’t worry much about these ingredients. Max protein bars come in 3 different protein variants to choose depending on your lifestyle and nutrition needs! With 21 added vitamins and minerals; and safe hygienic processing to packing, you can choose Max Protein as your convenient nutrition option always!