Protein Bars vs Protein Shakes: Battle of Nutrition

Welcome to the age old battle of the protein supplements and dietary needs. Today, we’re pitting two consumer favourites against each other - protein bars and protein shakes.

While each contender has a special following of their own, we thought we’d try and break things down for you. So that the next time you’re in the wellness aisle of your grocery store, you can make a quick decision instead of walking out without any purchases because you got confused.

Protein Bars vs Protein Shakes

1. Convenience

We’re all living a busy life, a life filled with never ending tasks on our to-do lists. But a busy life is no reason to forego daily intake of proteins and nutrition, is there?

So on days when you simply don’t have the time to whip up a quick meal, a protein or energy bar becomes your best friend.

Think about it yourself, would you rather spend time gathering ingredients and then making your protein shake or would you rather grab a protein bar and eat it straight out of the packet?

Option B, right?

Max Protein Bars come in three variants - 10g protein for Daily lifestyles, 20g protein for Active lifestyles and 30g protein for the Ultimate power lifestyle.

Our verdict: Protein bars save you time and effort because they can be had straight out of the packet.

2. Hunger Satiation

Satiating hunger is one of the top most important duties of protein shakes or bars because it beats the whole purpose of why you are consuming it if you’re still going to be hungry.

Studies show that food that you can chew keeps you more satiated and full as compared to liquids. So even if your protein shakes have the same amount of carbs or calories in them, you’re still more likely to feel unsatisfied with protein shakes as compared to bars. This will in turn, lead to you reaching out for more food when consuming protein shakes because your body still feels hungry for more.

That’s not all. Max Protein Bars fill you up with 2, 4 and 6 hours of sustained energy so that you keep going without being tired depending on the variant you chose.

Our verdict: Protein bars will keep you full and satiated for a longer period of time as compared to a protein shake.

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3. Taste factor

No one likes eating food that tastes like cardboard, no matter how healthy or nutritious they are. Fitness routines are difficult as is, so if your diet is made of bland food, it becomes much more difficult to stick to your fitness journey.

But nutrition bars and shakes these days come in a wide variety of flavour variants.

Max Protein Bars come in variants of green coffee, choco berry, choco fudge, choco slim and a lot more that are delicious and oh so yummy! They are made of natural ingredients, and no preservatives whatsoever. Do note while we try not to add sugar some variants do have sugar and some are no added sugar. So read the label before you make a choice.

Our Verdict: It’s a tie. Protein bars and shakes, both come in delicious flavours these days so you don’t have to choose between health and taste.

4. Balance of micronutrients

Protein is essential for a well-rounded diet, but that doesn’t mean we forget the other important elements. The best protein bars out there will give you a better balance of micronutrients than a lot of the shakes in the market.

Max Protein Bars in particular contains a balanced dose of carbs and fiber in addition to a protein blend that is good for your body’s health.

Our verdict: Protein bars are the clear winner!

protein shake

5. Travel friendly

If you’re travelling and need snacks that are easy to carry and store, then low carb protein bars win the round again. Because let’s be honest, the fear of spillage makes travelling with a beverage tricky and inconvenient. Plus, you’ll need to make the shake beforehand and there’s only so much you can travel with. On the other hand, bars are easier to travel with and are super handy for some on-the-road munchies. Additionally, they’ll fill you up with enough sustained energy to last you till you find the next food stop.

Our verdict: The fact that we’re taking protein bars for our next road trip should be verdict enough!

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Has anyone been keeping scores? Because no matter how we see it, protein bars have proven to be the clear winner here. Actually, scratch that. The real winner here is the rest of us who get to experience the goodness of power snacks that are delicious AND full of proteins.

We know what we're picking the next time we're in our grocery stores. Do you?