Protein Bars - Your New Fitness Companion

A healthy routine is 80% diet and 20% exercise, but sticking to a strict diet is difficult. Most of the time it’s because you end up munching on unhealthy snacks when you’re hungry or don’t have the time to cook. Which leads to demotivation for working out, which eventually leads to you giving up on your fitness resolution altogether. AGAIN!

So let’s break this circle of unhealthy habits.

Let’s not make the same mistakes again and eliminate these problems, right at their root cause, shall we?

Enter high protein bars. And not just any protein bars, we’re talking about Max Protein Bars that are a one stop solution to your fitness problems. What makes these the perfect fitness buddies is their multifunctional usage throughout the day.

Best pre-workout buddy

This one’s for all of you who spend forever making up your mind about what you should eat before heading to the gym. Fruits? A smoothie? A salad?

Protein bars! Each bar of Max Protein has 10, 20 and 30 g of proteins in them that fills you up with sustained energy to carry you through your workouts effortlessly.

Perfect post-workout companion

If you pull yourself out of bed long enough to put on your workout gear and head to the gym, don’t risk all the calories you’ve burned by eating anything that comes in front of your eyes because you’re SO hungry. Grab our workout protein bar after your workout instead, which will instantly satisfy your hunger and post-workout cravings.

Meal replacement on busy days

Have endless Zoom call meetings and emails lined up through the day that won’t let you take a breakfast / lunch / dinner break? Skipping meals might save you time but it might cost you your fitness goals and end up messing with your diet plans. Grab a 30Gm protein bar on one of those busy days instead of skipping your meal altogether.

Guilt-free snacking

Setting a diet is the easiest part, following it diligently is what matters the most. Unhealthy cravings for friends snacks and junk food is only human. But giving into those cravings is not going to help, is it? On moments when you find yourself craving for a delicious snack that’s NOT boiled veggies or fruits, nutrition bars are your answer! Indulge in some guilt-free, delicious snacking with RiteBite Nutrition Bars which come in so many different variants like Choco Delight, Fruits and Seeds, Peanut Butter and more! Yummy? Check! Healthy? Double check!


What about the other benefits?

Now that we’ve established that our protein bars are multi-functional, let us discover some of the direct health benefits, shall we?

Meets daily protein needs

Proteins are the most important part of our daily diets, yet studies show that most of us are not getting enough proteins. Our protein rich snacks are loaded up on a blend of proteins (whey, soy and casein) making it the perfect means to meet your daily protein needs.