Protein and Weight loss:

  1. Protein is more satiating than carbohydrates and fats.
  2. Protein keeps you feel full – by secreting certain hormones which makes you feel full and by decreasing some hormones like ghrelin which makes you hungry.

Importance of Protein:

Protein is one of the essential nutrients that every person needs to maintain a strong and healthy body. Protein is needed for the growth and repair of all body cells and tissues, which even in adults are being broken down and re-built every day. At a cellular level, protein is involved in numerous essential processes, helping to regulate our metabolism and important systems, such as immune function. Protein can also be used to provide energy to the body.

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of Protein

A healthy individual needs about 1 g of protein / kg body weight / day i.e if a person weighs 70 kg he requires 70 g of protein every day. It better to have a healthy diet plan for weight loss in place so that you follow your diet properly achieve your goals soon.

High Protein Foods for Weight Loss:

  1. Eggs: Eggs contain all the 9 essential amino acids which have to be taken in through diet as they cannot be produced by the body and hence it can be called as a complete protein. One medium sized egg has around 5- 6 gram of protein in it. Eating eggs based food may provide satiety which may stop a person from consuming extra calories and thus helps maintain weight. It is considered to be a good post workout meal to take care of the protein loss after the work out. It will also help increasing muscle mass.
  1. Almonds: Do you have almonds regularly? Some people have almonds or soaked almonds for sharpening their memory but also 100 g of almond has around 18 – 20 g of protein. Almonds can also induce satiety and keeps you full for longer duration. RITEBITE MAX PROTEIN PRODUCTS – contain almonds in good amount. Almonds also have a good amount of fiber, magnesium, Vitamin E and also contains good fat which would help reducing blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  1. Chicken breast: 100 g of chicken breast has around 27 – 30 g of protein. It helps strengthens bones, helps building and maintaining muscle mass. Chicken breasts are low in carbohydrates and fat.
  1. Cottage cheese: 100g of cottage cheese has around 10-12 g of protein. It is also a source of complete protein. It also has good amount of Vitamin B12 which is important for the health of nerve and blood cells. It is also a good source of phosphorous and selenium which helps maintain bone and reproductive health. It is also a good source of calcium which will help maintain teeth and bone health.
  1. Yogurt: 100 g of yogurt has around 10-12 g of protein. Yogurt also helps maintain digestive health by supplying health bacteria in your GI tract. It can solve protein indigestion related issues like bloating, loose motions etc.

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  1. Protein Bars: RITEBITE MAX PROTEIN BARS are also a good source of protein in your diet. They are on the go and the best option while you are too busy to prepare your meals. It can meet your daily requirement of protein and also helps in weight loss by inducing satiety. The protein bars are a good source of fiber and also contain various vitamins and minerals to maintain good health. It is the best work out partner. Bars also provide sustained energy which will keep you going. It has a good protein blend to meet all the amino acid content and make it a complete protein.

    Daily Max Protein Bars contain 10g of protein which is equal to having 2 cups of dal or 2 glasses of milk. It also has 5 gram of fiber which is equal to having 1 apple. It will provide 2 hours of sustained energy. Active Max Protein Bars contains 20 g protein and 7 g fiber. Ultimate Max Protein Bars have 30 g protein and 10 g fiber in it. All these variants are available in many flavours. One can have these protein bars according to the need and their physical activity. We are the first one in India to have launched these kind of protein bars in Indian market.
  1. Protein Cookies: RITEBITE MAX PROTEIN COOKIES contains around 10 g of protein. They are best snack option. Protein cookies are made up of 7 grains which will help curb your cravings and keeps you full. It has a good protein blend to meet all the amino acid content and make it a complete protein. It is a good source of fiber, calcium and it is made of all natural ingredients. It will keep you full for longer time and help reduce your calorie intake. Max Protein Cookies have around 10 g of protein which is equal to having 2 cups of dal or 2 glasses of milk. It contains 4 g of fiber which is equal to having 1 apple. Cookies are available in various flavours.
  1. Oats: 100 g of oats has around 14-16 g of protein. They are gluten free and a good source of fiber which will keep you full for longer duration and reduce your calorie intake which will in turn result in weight loss. Oats contain good amount of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants which will help lower blood sugar levels and reduce risk of CVD. Oats is used in a good amount to make RITEBITE MAX PROTEIN PRODUCTS which will give you good health and balanced nutrition.
  1. Milk: Milk? Who will have plain Milk? It sounds so boring but 100 ml of milk has around 3-4 g of protein. Milk is also a complete protein since it contains all essential amino acids. Along with protein milk is also excellent source of calcium, phosphorous, B Vitamins, potassium and Vitamin D which will help maintain bone health and a healthy weight.
  1. Lentils: 100g of lentils have around 9 – 11 g of protein. Along with protein lentils are a good source of fiber too which will lower your cholesterol levels and helps you feel full for longer duration which in turn will reduce your calorie intake. Along with protein and fiber lentils have good amount of potassium, folate and iron.

  2. Fish: 100 g of fish has around 16-18 g of protein. It also has omega -3 fatty acid which is good for heart. It is a good source of vitamin D, B2, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two times per week as part of a healthy diet. Fish are also considered to be a complete source of protein.
  1. Quinoa: Quinoa is considered to be a super food and it is high in fiber and protein. It is also a good source of iron and potassium. 100 g of quinoa has 12-14 g of protein in it. It is also rich in antioxidants which can prevent damage of heart. Fiber & Protein helps in maintaining weight, lowers cholesterol and also helps reducing blood sugar levels.

  2. Protein Powders: Protein powders are also made of a blend of protein to give beneficial effect of all the protein and to make it a complete protein. Protein powder will help you lose weight, gain muscle mass and will aid muscle recovery. It is a good work out partner.
  1. Peanuts & Peanut Butter: Peanuts have around 25-27 g of protein per 100 g product. RITEBITE MAX PROTEIN have a wide range of peanut butter in the portfolio. Peanut butter is a good source of omega 6 which will help reduce your bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol which will help maintain good heart health.  In addition, peanuts are a natural source of arginine, an amino acid that may prevent heart and vascular disease by promoting good blood vessel function.
  1. Pumpkin Seeds: 100 g of pumpkin seeds has around 18-20 g protein. It also contains good fat which will help improve heart health. It is also a good source of fiber, Vitamin A etc. Fiber and protein together will help you maintain body weight. It is also packed with essential vitamins and minerals which will keep you healthy. RITEBITE MAX PROTEIN uses pumpkin seeds in their products to give maximum benefits of all the essential ingredients.

RITEBITE MAX PROTEIN has come up with protein – fiber rich food products like bars, cookies, chips, muesli etc which will help you maintain healthy weight.

Naturell India (Max Protein) was found with the vision of making our country fitter and more aware of healthier eating habits. Known today as a ‘protein company’, Naturell offers a range of healthy eating options, from snack bars and protein bars to breakfast cookies, muesli and protein chips. The company’s vision is to provide the finest nature-based products that will help consumers adopt a healthier lifestyle. And every product embodies that vision.