Yes! You need protein and so does everyone else.

Given a choice between a glass of milk with those chocolaty vitamin-energy supplements and a protein bar, we tend to choose the glass of milk. Why do we do that?

Or for that matter, choosing 1-2 boiled eggs over the protein bar. Most feel that is surely enough to meet their protein and nutrient needs in a day. Well, you definitely can give protein supplements a skip if you have been carefully calculating your protein needs and obtaining them from a mix of meat, pulses, eggs, nuts, dairy among other things. If you work out, your protein needs are going to be higher.

But most of us rather believe in the myths than actually looking at our nutrient levels. We have tried to address some myths about protein bars with credible answers. Read below to see what these myths are.

  • 1. Protein bars are actually just candy bars

They look similar, coated with chocolate and taste equally good too (have you tried Max Protein bars yet? You’ll know what we are saying) but that doesn’t make a protein bar equal to a candy bar. Candy bar is just that, a high sugar, salt and unsaturated fats alternative to the high protein, 21 vitamins and minerals one.

The verdict: Max Protein bars are super healthy with 0 added sugar in select variants, with added vitamins, minerals and fibre; and gives you your protein fix as per your requirement. The fact that it looks like a candy bar can be used to fool your mind in to actually eating healthy while thinking it to be a candy

  • 2. Only people who lift heavy weights need protein supplements

This is one of the age-old myths which somehow gets propagated through generations. As Indians, we are highly deficient in proteins. A recent survey by Indian dietetic association found that 84% of the Indian diets are deficient in protein in terms of being vegetarian in nature. But what is painful is that as much as 93% of Indians are unaware about how much protein they really need. Conduct a survey every year and we always have such dismal figures regarding protein awareness.

Now coming to the protein requirement, everyone needs protein. Read this blog about protein to know its role and functions in the body. Now skip protein if you DON’T want a head full of hair, healthy skin and a sharp mind.

The verdict: Don’t shoo away the protein bar yet, you also may be falling short of protein requirement. Consider calculating your protein needs from a professional dietician and incorporate the protein bars in your diet. Max Protein comes in handy protein packs of 10 grams, 20 grams and 30 grams to suit your needs.

  • 3. High content of protein in bars make it taste very awful

Protein in the olden days was synonymous with an off taste and only for the select people who would gulp it like medicine. But things and the world has changed drastically and thankfully for the yummy.

The verdict: With some yummy and exciting flavours such as choco almond, choco fudge, honey lemon, green tea orange, Max Protein bars can really blow your mind and palate with their taste and range of flavours. Click on this link to order your Max Protein bars now.

  • 4. I can eat a protein bar for lunch and dinner everyday

Woah! Slow down champ. It seems like a good option to get your 60 – 70 grams per day of protein at a stretch. Also convenient. But there is a reason why the requirements of protein is given as per day. That is because, you have to be slow and steady in your protein intake and meet it by the end of the day!

A research finds that we need a maximum of 30 grams in 1 sitting for optimum protein utilization. More about it is covered in the blog titled ‘when is the best time to eat protein’. Eat excess of protein in 1 sitting and all that gets saved as fat! So beware from making this mistake either from foods or from protein bars

The verdict: Eating excess protein in 1 sitting can make you fat. Holds true for food and supplements too. Be wise and eat upto 30 grams for a major meal

  • 5. I eat meat and eggs so I get my protein requirements

Now here is a catch. Rarely do Indians ever eat meat or eggs every day for major meals. Even if we do, it is only a small bowl and not a majority of the plate as in the Western diet. Go look at your plate and it is loaded with carbs. No wonder the protein study finds 83% of Indians still deficient.

Now if you are truly into health and do calculate your protein needs carefully, you can understand the deficit or requirement from a qualified dietician. But when in doubt, you can consider including protein bars or supplements every few days in a week!

The verdict: You can choose between 10 grams of Max Protein bars as well based on your lifestyle. Choose well and top up your protein requirements today.

  • 6. Everyone needs around 60 grams of protein a day

Do you eat the same food as your neighbour or friend eats? OR do you wear the same clothes as them? When that is personalized, so should be your protein requirement. As per the Indian Council of Medical research, you require to eat 0.8 – 1 gram of protein based on your body weight. If you are in to speciality sports, this requirement can increase.

The verdict: Everyone has different protein needs based on their lifestyle and diet.

  • 7. All protein bars are healthy

We are sorry to burst your bubble but some of the bars are nothing but high protein candy! You can unmask any product yourself by going over the nutritional labels. Many of them use sugar, artificial sweeteners and the worst of all, they do not have enough protein from a bioavailable source. If you had to eat a bar with nuts as protein source, you can save yourself some calories and money by eating roasted nuts instead.

The verdict: Look for sugar, salt, fat and quality of protein content in the bar you choose. Whey is considered the best bioavailable source of protein. Added minerals and vitamins in the product is a big win.

  • 8. I drink protein shakes so I don’t want any other protein source.

Protein shakes usually employ whey protein which is a bioavailable and a quick acting protein. Protein shakes are ideally preferred for people who need a quick protein boost. It is not necessarily good to satisfy your hunger. If you do take the shake, then you don’t require any other source.

But you must review your protein supplement as per requirement. Do you need a fast acting protein? Shakes are the best. Do you need something to kill your hunger and prevent you from eating junk, then bars are the best. Read this protein bar vs protein shake blog for more clarity.

The verdict: Decide on the protein supplement as per your needs.