This is the best time to eat your protein bar!

When is the best suitable time for consuming protein bars? – has this question crossed your mind more than once? You are definitely not the only person thinking so. When you have invested in your health and in a protein bar, it is best to know when to eat it!

Before we answer your million dollar question, let us set forth a few scenarios! Think about them and then answer the questions we pose at the end of it!

Scene1: It is Monday. As per routine, you have a group meeting first thing Monday morning. You have had a happy Sunday, there was cake, nachos, biryani and all the special foods. You binge watched your favourite time travel series and hence wake up late 10 mins before the meeting. You sure are hungry, so what do you eat quickly before the meeting? We guess your answer could be to skip breakfast or to grab any of the rich leftovers from yesterday.

protein bars

Scene 2: Lunch has been delayed and your healthy eggs and oats porridge breakfast is starting to give away to hunger. Workload or housework has been intense! Its 3pm already. What do you fix for lunch? A packet of ready-to-eat stuff or ordering out seems to be the logical and quickest way out!

Scene 3: For this scene, let’s say your dinner is cooked and it is one of your favorites! There is a yummy dessert waiting too. But the urge to munch on chips pre-dinner was so heavy that you did indulge 5 minute before. As a result you eat less of the dinner served in guilt. Also you are saving space for dessert!

If you could identify yourself in these scenarios and if they are playing out often at home, then we can say your protein intake is below par! This is in exception to the healthy and driven public in lockdown. But even if you are so, are you still balancing the protein intake?

Coming to your burning question: when is the best suitable time to eat that protein bar? If your days are looking bleak, if your diet has been all over the place or even if you have been eating healthy, protein bars can be really had at any time of the day!

Research says that consuming a minimum of 30 grams of protein throughout the day is much better in improving muscle mass as compared to eating a heavy protein lunch or dinner alone. 1

protein bars

Let us explain this with an example. So for lunch you grab a paneer roll with veggie salad, remember the protein source here is paneer. And then for dinner, you pull out all stops and eat grilled chicken, egg whites, and some pulses. Giving your body a load of protein at one time might not help build muscles. This was aptly explained in the image above as well.

But seriously, if you are looking at eating healthy and this lockdown presents all sorts of distraction, a protein bar is the best solution to have in your health arsenal. So if you are getting late for the Monday morning meeting and your breakfast is not in place, munch on a delicious Max Protein bar with berries and dark chocolate.

Max protein bars with 21 vitamins, minerals, fibre and immunity boosting antioxidants is the best choice you can have for missed major meals like lunch or dinner! Max protein bars also come in different protein variants. So even if you are still to begin working out, our Max Protein Daily with 10 grams protein is just apt to meet your protein needs. Are you into moderate physical activity, then our Max Protein Active bar with 20 grams protein will fit into your lifestyle.

We even have a protein bar for the dedicated people there! A Max Protein Ultimate bar with 30 grams protein will help fuel your muscle and yourself to be better. Oh did we mention just how tasty our bars are?

SO go ahead and make Max Protein bars a part of your diet and lifestyle today.