Clean eating = Max Protein bars. Untouched by hands, NO shady ingredients and super hygienic

Consider this; you are home, bored beyond reproach to eat that dal chawal for lunch but are super scared to order lunch as well! What do you do? Go for a packet of unhealthy noodles instead maybe?

As the Government is relaxing lockdown conditions gradually there still remains uncertainty, is it safe to risk ordering food from that neighborhood restaurant?

We answer that question ourselves to hear what we want to hear or we become skeptic or we let our guards down and trust the restaurant that we have been ordering from over and over again for the past year. But the fact remains that food cooked in hotels might have a wait time until it is handed over to you. Similarly, they are handled by many people right from packing to delivering. So if you want to have a peaceful night of sleep not worrying about how and where your food came from, going for pre-packed foods would be a smart choice.

The other best part about pre-packed foods? You can choose the healthiest ones out there and even read the labels to make a smart decision. Right now, in the time of a virus pandemic; health should be at the forefront of all our decisions and here’s where we step in! Our Protein Bars are perfect as a meal replacement bar that keeps you full for hours!

So the next time boredom hits you boht hard, just go online and order a pack of Max Protein instead of unhealthy and unhygienic options. You get all the nutrition and your hunger is banished too.

When the world is in a tizzy due to a microscopic virus, the safety of your nutritious immunity bars should be the least of your worries right! We understand this imperative need and have ensured our bars are only touched with the goodness of 21 vitamins and minerals!

Your favorite Max Protein bars are completely untouched by hands. The entire product cycle from selection of choicest natural ingredients to producing them into the tasty and nutritious bars you all love to finally delivering it to your doorstep is a completely unadulterated journey! Indeed we have distilled all the nutritious goodness in our bars but without the pesky virus and bacteria getting in!

How would we describe our Max Protein immunity bars? Nutritious – for sure yes! Clean – yes! We stay away from weird ingredients. Safe – You bet your sanitizers worth on it! During the time of this pandemic, arm yourself with immunity and good nutrition with hygienic Max Protein Bars!