Why MUST you consume these vitamins and minerals for immunity?

We need immunity for every season and for a good reason. Every season brings about its own bacteria, viruses and even this uninvited virus locking the nation down! So when all these microbes and diseases come calling, our immune system shuts down the door to our health! What powers this army? Among every other nutrient; VITAMINS AND MINERALS.

Did you know, vitamins and minerals in the diet is called as MICRONUTRIENTS? Because these guys are only needed in little amounts to make a huge impact. But hey, 70% of us Indians infamously consume very low amounts of these micronutrients! Not a very proud badge to wear when a virus is terrorizing us.

So if you want to boost your immunity (well, who doesn’t right); then read on as we list down some vitamins and minerals that are absolutely important for our good health!

Different Micronutrients for Different Levels of Immunity

Different levels of immunity? Yes, there are 3 filtration levels which we have tried to explain in the simplest manner known to humankind in this article The first level of immunity; our skin gets a boost from Vitamins C, E and zinc;

The second level of immunity which is the cellular immunity is powered by vitamins B6, B12, C, D, E, folic acid, zinc, and selenium and;

finally, the all these above mentioned vitamins and minerals, except iron and vitamin C, are needed for making the antibodies that actually fight off the microorganisms.

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As Antioxidants

Many vitamins in our body function as antioxidants. This means they are water to fire. Our body is constantly exposed to free radicals; from the outside and the inside. Smoking, pesticides, alcohol, poor air quality all introduce free radicals from the outside. Our body produces free radicals when we digest, breathe or to even neutralize the infectious agents.

The problem is excess of them can cause aging and weaken us. Vitamins C, A, E are all known as antioxidants which douse the fire within.

Activates the immune system

Imagine our immune system as a car which only starts after you put in the key. Which is that? Vitamin D. Vitamin D seems to activate out system to flush out pathogens.

Enzyme reactions

The immune system is called a system for a reasons. There are man organs and many more processes involved. So when you get common cold and are relived of it, there is an army working to rectify it. Magnesium and zinc helps in activating many enzymes that help in the immune process.

Special mention: selenium

Selenium is required to activate an antioxidant enzyme and also helps to tone down a hyper active immune system. This is a crucial balancing step making this micronutrient important.

Where to get it from?

FOOD!! [More reasons to eat!]

The best way to get all these micronutrients and more, is through a colorful and diverse fruit and vegetable diet. Include a rainbow in your diet and you are well off.

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It is time we take charge of our health! Take care

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