10 Healthy Late Night Snacks for Your Hunger Pangs

Picture this – it is a Friday night, you have planned to see the movie, you set up the room, dim the lights and the movie comes on! You are fully engrossed in the movie, occasionally sipping water. When it ends, you feel satisfied of a good start to the weekend. Does this seem fine or is there something missing? Maybe a crispy movie time snack? If you all agree with us, then this article is for all of you.

Scary prediction

If the rate of obesity were to continue increasing at the same rate like now, its prevalence will reach 21% in women and 18% in men by 2025.

Leave alone a movie night, the reasons for late night snacking differs for everyone. Some could eat due to boredom, or for some the reasons could be emotional also. Whatever the reason, midnight snacking has been associated with overweight and obesity. To compound to the problem, the rate at which obesity is increasing is worrisome.

“The problem with midnight snacks is that they are usually high in calories. What appeals to people at night is fried, oily or sweet snacks that can put a whole day of clean eating out of whack,” said a renowned dietician.

While old perspective on night time snacking completely prevents it, new research finds that not all night time snacks are bad. Evidence is increasing that eating small, nutrient-dense, low energy foods or snacks which have single macronutrients. Given below are some healthy late night snacks that doesn’t put your health goals out of whack.

Healthy Late Night Snacks

  1. Roasted Makhana

Bite sized, yummy and crispy; makhana are every bit a healthy and fancy snack that can be a perfect accompaniment to movie nights. Roast them with 1 small teaspoon of ghee, turmeric and pepper for a zingy snack.

  1. Peanut butter with fruit

Fruit by itself is imbalanced as it doesn’t have protein. Why you need protein, even in snacks? Fruit is also one of the low calorie options. The best bet is to smear some unsweetened Max Protein peanut butter to nutritionally complete it. Bon Appetit!

  1. Muesli with low fat milk

While only cornflakes with milk is not among the best healthy snacks, that to for midnight cravings; replace it with a protein-rich muesli, preferably the one that has nuts and seeds for a much balanced healthy late night snack. Opt for healthy mueslis and a dash to cold milk and see your late night ice cream cravings vanish away.

  1. Popcorn

Isn’t popcorn a movie’s or a series best friend and isn’t it unhealthy? Not really! Popcorn is a whole grain snack – made only of corn. But when you go for commercial flavoured popcorn in a packet is when the trouble begins. Loaded with artificial flavours, trans fat and other unhealthy additives, do yourself a favour and just get the plain popcorn kernels and pop them at home.

  1. Veggie slices with dip

Carrots, cucumbers, celery, capsicum are all healthy vegetables but the prospect of eating them as a healthy late night snack is not interesting. So pair it with healthy homemade dips such as hummus, hung curd dip and low fat mayo. Indulging in them is not only healthy but also guilt free.

  1. Nuts and seeds with fruit

Fruit is back on the list but with a drizzle of roasted nuts and seeds instead of peanut butter. You can get creative by adding healthy toppings – peanut butter + nuts and seeds, hung curd + toasted nuts, muesli + peanut butter. Get the creative side of yourself and try out various combinations.

  1. Protein cookies

Yes, yes we know cookies are in no way healthy. Well the commercial ones surely aren’t! But have you tried the Max Protein choco loaded choco chip cookies yet? Made with 7 different supergrains such as oats, quinoa, sattu, amaranth among others; this no maida, clean, protein rich cookie can be easily munched on when those midnight cravings strike. Talk about a healthy late night snack that loves you back!

  1. Pizza salad

Everyone knows what a pizza is but do you know you can recreate the familiar pizza taste and flavour with a salad as a base? Just toss fresh crunchy lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and other pizza toppings you want (roasted mushrooms, tossed paneer, marinated tofu if you have them handy), add a good dollop of homemade pizza sauce and drizzle some cheese. You won’t miss a pizza; we guarantee you that!

  1. Greek Yogurt bark

If ice cream and sweet treats are your thing at night, then try this yummy and tasty Greek yogurt bar. All you need to do is mix Greek yogurt, honey, some berries and Max protein muesli, spread it on a sheet and freeze it. When it is frozen solid, break it into barks and munch on when you feel like. Yum to the max

  1. Max protein chips!

We are not even going to flourish this one but if you do feel like eating a crunchy snack and none of these fit the bill (or too lazy to make), just do yourself a favour and get the Max Protein multi-grain protein chips. Available in 6 tantalizing flavours, they are low in GI (Glycaemic Index), have 35% Less fat than regular potato chips, provide a massive 25g Protein,10g Fiber, all this with no white carbs. Try them now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best foods to eat late at night?

A. The best foods to eat late at night are those that are low in calories and high in protein and fiber. This includes foods such as cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, nuts and seeds, hard-boiled eggs, and veggies with hummus.

2. What are some healthy midnight snacks to eat? 

A. Several healthy midnight snacks to eat, including cherry tomatoes with cottage cheese, Greek yogurt with sliced almonds and berries, hard-boiled eggs with celery sticks, and air-popped popcorn.

3. What foods can you eat after 8pm?

A. You can eat some low-carb late night snacks like hard-boiled eggs, sliced veggies with hummus, Greek yogurt with berries, and a handful of nuts or seeds. These snacks are low in carbs and high in protein and fiber which you can also eat after 8 pm.

4. Should you eat or not eat before bed?

A. It is recommended to not eat heavy, calorie-dense meals before bed as it can cause discomfort and indigestion. However, it suggests that a small, healthy snack may be beneficial for some people to help maintain blood sugar levels and prevent hunger-induced sleep disruptions.

5. What are low-carb late night snacks?

A. Some low-carb late night snacks include hard-boiled eggs, sliced veggies with hummus, Greek yogurt with berries, and a handful of nuts or seeds. These snacks are low in carbs and high in protein and fiber, making them a good choice for late-night snacking.