Portable Snacking Ideas and Energy Bars – Better Than the Best

Evening snack time has always been one of the times of the day when most people slip on their diets and binge eat on all the different unhealthy convenient foods. Whereas, so commonly heard that small and frequent meals is the way to up your metabolism and keep your health in check, but when these small meals comprise of sugar loaded chocolates, refined flour-based bakery products, it results in something which is far away from good health – ill-health!

Realizing that today such unhealthy foods are available at every nook and corner makes many vouch for them when feeling hungry. The very limited options of healthy snacks to buy stays a challenge. Many fall prey to various marketing gimmicks that term a few foods as healthy snacks, but are they really healthy? Reading nutritional labels well, is an art which will never make you a prey. Erratic schedules and snacking on commute to work, at offices, schools, colleges demands for something which could be handy and hassle free.

Healthy Snacking options

We have compiled a few tasty snacking options which work in favor of your health. You must give them a try to see how well they work for your body.

  1. Fruit with peanut butter:

An excellent combination of fibre, antioxidants, carbohydrates for the quick energy, good quality fats and some protein. The smooth texture of peanut butter, with the crunch of sweet apples and pears is truly enjoyable.

  1. Trial Mix:

A blend of various seeds such as pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, almonds, walnuts make a power packed combination of good quality fats which have anti-inflammatory properties. They also make a great choice for patients suffering from high lipid profile, hypertension.

  1. Greek yoghurt:

A pack of greek yoghurt is a great source of protein with probiotics that are excellent for gut health. You can add a few tablespoons of muesli to make it a filling snack. Max Protein offers three muesli options that you can pick from, the nuts and seeds, fruit and nut and the choco crunch muesli. The positive aspect which is rare to see today is that 1 serving provides 10gms of protein making it one of the highest protein foods.

  1. Puffed rice bhel:

A crunchy snacking option which can be made wholesome by adding roasted chana, chopped cucumber, tomato with a drizzle of lime juice. This provides protein, fiber with a boost of vitamin C.

  1. Khakhra:

Khakhras easily replace the crunch of chips. They can be made with a variety of grains like wheat, ragi, bajra, jowar with some fenugreek, cumin seeds. They are easy to carry and have a long shelf life.

There is an excellent snacking option which has the nutritional properties of all the above mentioned foods, all packed in one bar. Yes, energy bars & protein bars are a complete gamechanger! Easy to carry, a blend of all the macronutrients and major micronutrients. Making it one of the most healthy snacks to buy which is one of highest protein foods to satisfy your hunger.


Understanding how to make the right pick of energy, protein convenient bars for you:


  1. Protein bar:

These form a great pre-workout and post-workout snack. Ideal for body builders, gym freaks, sports personalities and anyone living an active lifestyle. A good protein bar should give you a minimum of 10 – 20gms of protein. They help to provide energy and trigger muscle protein synthesis (Active protein bars). When taken before workout or pre-exercise, they fuel your workout and help you sustain for longer. At times these bars can also be used to fulfil the protein requirements of the day which are not met by diet alone (Daily protein bars).

Max Protein has these bars in 10gms (Daily protein bars)/20gms (Active protein bars) and 30gms (Ultimate protein bars) protein variants to pick from.



  1. Meal Replacement bars:

30gms/ 20gms protein bar work as excellent meal replacers (Ultimate protein bars). This means that skipping meals is not a choice anymore when we have such easy to carry meal replacers! You can easily bite into these while working or travelling.



  1. Snack bars:

These can be placed anywhere between meals to keep up your metabolism and manage cravings. These are loaded with superfoods and various exotic ingredients so that you don’t miss out on adequate nutrition along with taste. These nutrition bars are available in various flavors.


Energy bars when picked wisely according to your needs and goals can help one immensely. They are a perfect fit for anyone ranging from trekkers, cyclists, football players, body builders, weight watchers to even common man wanting to meet protein requirements for better skin, hair health. Next time when you crave for snacks or think of skipping your meals due to lack of time, go grab an energy bar!