How to choose the right protein bar?

Protein bars are becoming popular health foods. They are healthy, convenient, nutritious and tasty. However, there are multiple nutrition bars and multiple brands in the market. It is important to understand that there is a difference between a snacking bar and protein bar.

Snack bars are usually high in carbohydrates and the prominent sources of carbohydrates are simple sugars which can ideally be had at times when you are looking for instant energy. However, protein bars are high on protein and fibre content. They are meant for the more “health conscious” consumer who know and understand the need for a bar. Some of the protein bars can replace a whole meal and hence become an ideal partner when you are on the move.

So, what will you look for when you are purchasing a protein bar?

- Calories – Ideal range is 150 kcal to 350 Kcal;
- Protein content – 10 to 30 g
- Fibre content – 5 to 10 g
- Vitamins and minerals – meeting atleast 25% RDA
- Contain natural ingredients like nuts, seeds, dried fruits, whole grains etc.
- Preferably no added sugar
- Source of protein – a combination of soy, whey and casein rather than a single source
- Containing Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants

Make a healthy decision and choose your bar wisely!

Get high on the right bar. Happy snacking!