7 reasons why you must jump rope
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7 reasons why you must jump rope

Jumping rope is a fun activity, which requires minimal investment in terms of equipment and time and yet a very effective way to lose weight. Jumping rope for a minute can help to burn 10-15 kcal, which means a 10 minute workout can easily help you lose anywhere between 100 to 150 kcal. That apart – you are assured a lot of fun and great way to “Jump start” your day!

Here are some reasons which will motivate you to start skipping rope workout today:

1. Strengthening lower leg muscles

Jumping rope regularly strengthens the calf muscles. It also improves the elasticity of the muscles in the lower leg and feet like tendon and fascia.

2. Improves cardiovascular system

Skipping is a great low-cost activity to keep a check on your cardiac health.  Intesity of skipping can modify your heart rate and can boost your metabolism.

3. Better Bone mineral density

A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that young women who jumped as high as they could just 10 times, three times a week for six months, increased bone mineral density in their legs and the lower half of their spines. This goes to show that, jumping atleast 3 days a week, can improve bone health.

4. Total body workout

Jumping rope increases strength, agility, speed, timing and rhythm.  It’s a great combination of cardio and strength training which helps to tone your belly, arms, shoulder as well as thighs and calf muscles.

5. Better lymphatic system

Lymphatic system works on the expansion and contraction of your muscles to move it around your body. The up down motion of jump rope, helps in better functioning of the lymphatic system and helps to eliminate toxic wastes from the body. This can result in better skin health and GI health.

6. Weight loss

According to British Rope Skipping Association, skipping rope for 10 minutes is equal to 45 minutes run.  Also, skipping rope helps to burn 10 kcal per minute which can definitely up your metabolism and result in weight loss (will vary depending on age, body type etc.)

7. Better flexibility

According to the Jump Rope Institute, jumping rope daily can significantly reduce incidences of ankle and foot injuries. Jump rope increases the flexibility of your lower legs, ankles and feet and that’s why it should be part of your daily routine.

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