How to get fit without sacrificing your midnight snacks
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How to get fit without sacrificing your midnight snacks

Every time a holiday is planned among a group of friends, it so happens that, a month or two before the trip everyone wants to suddenly start channeling their inner Milkha Singh. There’s one enthusiastic person who brings up the topic of working out seriously with strict diets and whatnot and the rest start thinking it’s not really a bad idea and play along. The fittest person in the group decides a routine, with a proper diet to transform that belly into abs.


However, when it comes to actually following it, nobody is ever successful. Probably just that fit guy in the group, who keeps showing off about it, but nobody else. Don’t worry. Nobody’s here to make you feel bad about that.

One of the hardest things to do is to plan out a new diet that avoids fatty foods. It’s hard considering how many times a day some of us, snack or dig into our favorite munchies. We’re so used to binge watching shows, late in the night that the amount of food we eat at that time is as good as, what some people call a ‘second dinner’. “But what’s the alternative?” we always ask. The usual suspects are boiled veggies, unsalted food, hospital- like meals, intermittent fasting and what not


But what about taste? This is where a RiteBite nutrition bar comes in, hopefully from your pocket but it’s okay, you can buy that after you’re done reading this.

In a Venn diagram of food, healthy, tasty and fun, protein bars are in the center. Just look at the world of protein bars, there are experimental flavours, the classics, the funky ones and more! Low carb Max Protein bars add so much to your diet, and also don’t make you strangle the person eating loudly at next to you because you’re cranky from all the dry, tasteless food you’re eating. Wait, now before you Google “protein bar price,” be rest assured that a protein bar is MUCH cheaper than a salad, a smoothie bowl or any fancy healthy food your bougie friend will suggest.

To summarize what we’re trying to say, imagine this is a stereotypical Bollywood movie. Everything is going downhill till the #goodguy (protein bars) enters the scene – with intensified sound effects, of course. The #goodguy convinces you to substitute all your fatty snacks with protein and nutrition bars. Things start looking good and guess what? Your belly actually starts to reduce. (Insert random song with the main characters dancing next to random sceneries, to end the movie on a happy note) But you know this will only help a little but for better benefits, 30-minute workout a day is necessary to ensure best results.

Protein bars are genuinely real-life heroes! Try them now!

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