The new dietary trend, PROTEIN BARS!
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The new dietary trend, PROTEIN BARS!

The topic about including protein bars in our daily diet is quite a common one. Here are a few points, proving why it definitely should be included:

  • Perfect alternative meal before and after your workout

There’s a certain amount of carbohydrates added in protein bars. That helps provide you with a lot of energy i.e. makes you go all out at the gym. Not just that, protein bars provide you with the nutrition that helps build muscle tissues after your workout as well! Yes, that also means you’re one step closer to looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe not, let’s keep our expectations a bit realistic, shall we?

  • Takes care of that appetite

Some of the best protein bars are made with the perfect amount of ingredients to satisfy our hunger. When we’re on a workout routine we usually eat a few boiled eggs and drink a protein shake, but we’re still left hungry after that. We convince ourselves that if we eat anything that contains a good amount of protein, we’re doing our workouts justice. On that thought, we order a plate of Chicken Kalmi Kebab or an oily plate of Chicken Lollipops. Eating all that does help with the protein, but it also helps making your tummy bigger. We don’t really want the latter, right? Eating a protein bar avoids the risk of feeling so hungry to even think about ordering something unnecessary.

  • Perfect alternative to unhealthy snacks

When we’re on a diet, trying really hard to lose weight, we often catch ourselves walking to the refrigerator in the middle of the night. We stare at all the unhealthy snacks with more love than we have for our partners. Break-ups hurt, but do you know what it’s like to binge-watch Friends without eating a slice of Red Velvet cake or your sibling’s pizza? Seems like the end of the world, but wait till you find out about protein bars. They’re not just nutritious, they’re ridiculously tasty! You can now go to your refrigerator and stare at all the snacks but smirk and pick a protein bar instead. It’s sort of a life-hack, if you think about it. If you’re on an absolutely strict diet, avoiding sweets as much as possible, want to know what’s better than protein bars? Sugar free protein bars. Our sugar free bars, like the Choco Slim bar are equally tasty and healthy. Check out the Max Protein site for regular and sugar free bars and pick out the ones you fancy the most!


An important fact to note about protein bars is, they’re not just for athletes. They’re for EVERYONE. These bars come in a number of variants with different amount of protein in each of them. Say you want something to munch on but nothing too heavy – go for a 10g protein bar. In a hurry for work and have to skip your breakfast? Grab a 20g bar! Got tones of work to complete before a tight deadline? Go for a 30g bar. Also, a lot of protein bars in India are vegan as well. Get yours now!

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