The ultimate question: protein shakes or protein foods; what to choose for weight loss?

Finding ways to lose weight with protein? Well, then you must have come across various options like protein drinks, protein shakes, protein bars, protein foods, or for that matter even protein snacks. But are you still caught in two minds about which one would to use? Come, let’s demystify this then.

First of all, do you need protein?

The answer is a resounding YES! If you’re sedentary or even if you’re active throughout the day, you require protein. If you want to lose weight too, then protein again will be your saviour. To keep it brief, protein helps increase active muscle tissue, kills hunger for a long period of time, improves your metabolism, and keeps your heart healthy.

Protein in all forms

When talking about protein shakes, then you’re probably looking for ones made with whey, soy, casein, groundnut-based or a mix of all these. Whey is preferred because it absorbs well, is complete (has all the 9 amino acids which our body needs), and is water soluble. Protein bars and snacks could also employ the above mentioned protein sources.

Should we eat it or drink it?

Coming straight to the point, do we really need to invest heavily in protein shake powders? Let’s start evaluating!

  • Protein quantity and quality

As mentioned, most of the protein products, be it shakes, bars, or snacks contain good quality protein from whey and/or soy. That makes all of them good quality protein sources. Regarding the quantity, a scoop of protein powder can provide as much as 21 grams. Most protein bars also give you up to 20 grams of protein, making it a great alternative.

  • Ease to use

Protein powders can be easy to consume but is it easy to carry? Might not be always. Protein bars and other snacks score higher in this regard. Slip it in your pocket and consume between meetings. You could also save some for later. With powders, that convenience goes for a toss.

  • The extras

With all these protein sources, you get protein. But what you need to see is what else do you get? Vitamins? Minerals? Most importantly, what about fiber? In nature, protein-rich foods like pulses, beans provide good amounts of fiber too. Higher the fiber, you will not feel hungry for longer.

  • Satisfaction of consumption

What do you think gives more satisfaction? A gulp of protein shake or munching on a protein bar? When you eat a piece of meat (also protein), you tend to enjoy the taste and the whole process can fulfill your senses and hunger. Protein bars are again higher on the satisfaction of consumption rank.

  • Your health goals

Are you looking for instant muscle gain or weight loss? Great because protein helps in both the cases. However, for weight loss, a solid protein will definitely interest you more.

So our take is always go for the solid protein over liquid protein. It is closest to the form that protein occurs in our foods naturally! So, a protein bar or protein snack is the way to go!