7 sources of protein that will make you go WTHealth!

Think of protein and all you can see are eggs? Well, yeah! Eggs are the best source of protein. But there are more protein sources that are scarcely heard of! Let’s talk about them!

1.Cricket Flour

Don’t freak out. Cricket flour is seriously being explored as a sustainable alternative to meat. Made by grinding crickets, this flour is super loaded in proteins, providing 68 grams of protein in 100 grams of this flour. Crickets have less space, time and environmental requirements to grow! It is a part of a Kickstarter Project in the US and already on the shelves in Continental Europe. We’re just waiting for it to make its way to India.


Yes, that green gunk you see floating on lakes! Obviously, the one we eat will be refined and edible. Spirulina again packs a punch with 60 grams of protein in 100 grams. You’ll see these unusual algae routinely added to smoothies and juices in India. 


Edamame is nothing but green soybean, still in the pod. One cup of soybean provides 22 grams of protein. After they’re steamed, the peas inside can be eaten salted, added to soups, roasted or eaten as crisps. Along with protein, edamame is also rich in calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin C.

4.Mussels or shellfish

This shellfish is a rich source of protein. Providing 24 grams in 100 grams, mussels also give you selenium, zinc, vitamin B12 among other nutrients.

5.Chia seeds

With 17 grams of protein in 100 grams of chia seeds, this latest Instagram food is surely trending for a reason. Want to buy it in India, ask for ‘tulsi beej’ and you’ll get the humble chia. You could add it to puddings and smoothies for a natural thick consistency.

6.Whole wheat pasta

Well, this might surprise you that 100 grams of whole wheat pasta offers get 8 grams of protein with B vitamins too.

7.Green Peasa

If you’re looking for protein and fibre, these little green beads score surprisingly high. With 8 grams of protein in a cup and 7 grams fibre, it makes for a decent snack addition.

Well, now if you’re zapped learning about these options, you can pretty much stick to the basics. Even better, if you’re looking for healthy, handy and delicious protein power snacks, Max Protein bars are just the right ones for you to grab. With over 10 delightful flavours and up to 30 grams of protein, your nutritional and lifestyle needs are easily taken care of.