Different Ways to Eat Granola Bars

From morning breakfast to bedtime, all of us are sunken into munching habits every now and then. Now, be it a homemade snack or any store bought ready-to-eat goodies. But you know the greatest part about it to be noted is that people are finding healthier and much better alternatives to munch on these days. And what could be a better way to indulge in your cravings and satisfaction with a dose of energy at the same time? Yes, we’re talking about those healthy granola bars which you might have just passed by looking at those shelves at the supermarkets. You might have ignored those granola bars thinking of it as marketing gimmicks to trap you in the name of boosting your health. But let me tell you, not every product is a lie. And definitely not in the case of our nutrition bars. We do not need to lie as we have nothing to hide!

The granola bars, are a reigning champion when it comes to health benefits and satisfying cravings and hunger pangs. It’s one of the best delicacies for people who would want to level up their fitness game. From weight management to boosting gut health and raising energy levels to opting for a healthy in-between-meal snack, it’s a win-win product for all of us. End number of health benefits, and so are the ways of consuming the healthy granola bars.

Different Ways To Eat a Granola Bar

You can pair along the healthy granola bars with many food picks to make it more wholesome and to take it from just a snack to a complete meal

1. Granola Bar With a Delicious Fruit Smoothie

A punch of vegetable or fruit smoothie has a lineup of essential vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. When a healthy granola or nutrition rich bar is paired along with the smoothie, the power-packed duo can justify a fulfilling meal and a great balance of good fiber and protein.

2. Healthy Granola Bar With Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt, by its nature itself, is a great source of protein. Researchers have proven, greek yogurts to be more filling than the regular yogurt. Yogurt is also a great source of calcium and is also packed with probiotics which benefits your gut health micro flora. You can pair it along a healthy bar to supercharge your protein intake post-workout.

3. Granola Bar With Overnight Soaked Oats or Chia Pudding

As we all know, morning breakfast is the most important meal of the day to kick start your metabolism and what could be a better way to pair along the overnight soaked oats with granola bars. Oats for breakfast is the new choice for youngsters and for elderly as well as they can be assembled the previous night and are fibre dense compared to any regular cereal or grains. You can add some fruits and nuts to your overnight soaked oats bowl and simply enjoy it with a granola or a protein bar for that burst of energy in the morning. Same way you can make your bar gel along with your chia pudding as well.

4. Granola Bar With a Side of Toast

French or avocado, the choice of the toast depends on what you want to roast! Or you could never go wrong with that chicken breast or even eggs and a toast, a great way to end your meal is with a nutrient dense granola or nutrition bar that satiates your hunger pangs and satisfies your sweet tooth. You get your daily dose of protein, and your taste buds are happy along.

5. Granola Bar With Apple and Peanut Butter

Apple and peanut butter, isn’t a great food combination already? Add a nutrition bar or a granola bar and you’ve already tripled your nutrition! The fiber and carbohydrates from the apple, the superior fats from the peanut butter, and the protein from the bar helps you to get a good balance of macronutrients in one meal.

6. Granola Bar With Pancakes

Either stir some granola into pancake batter for an interesting call on the breakfast or simply stack the granola bar or protein bar pieces on top of your pancakes to boost a dose of nutrients.

7. Roasted Yams or Baked Apples With Granola Bars

For additional flavor and sweet tooth satisfaction, pair the roasted yams or baked cinnamon apples with a power punch of a granola, protein or a nutrition bar.

8. Granola Bar Topped Ice Cream

Just like some chocolate coating, sprinkles, caramel or Oreos, why can’t you try out sprinkling some chopped pieces of your healthy granola bars or other nutrition bars.

9. Granola Bar in Baked Goods

For visual appeal, put granola bar chopped on top of pies, cakes, cupcakes and cheesecakes to make its aesthetic appeal better. Or you could also use it in the batter of a muffin, brownie or a cake.

10. Energy Bites – Eat it as it is!

The simplest form is the purest form of all! Energy bites are great for days when in hurry so you can simply grab it on the go.

11. Peanut Butter Balls or Dried Fruit Balls

Winter season is already here and all the grannies and mommies are up for making dried fruit balls or laddoos to keep their family warm and healthy. Let’s just give it up to them. Add the chopped granola bars and nutrition bars to add on several variants and flavors to the warmth.

Reasons To Choose RiteBite Max Protein's Nutrition Bars Over Other Bars

With added vitamin & minerals, omega – 3, and electrolytes in a 35 to 40g bar, the RiteBite Max Protein Nutrition bars are the best in its category. It is 100% vegetarian and is preservative free with low glycemic index along with sustained energy providing balanced nutrition. These power snack bars are made by using base ingredients such as quinoa crisps, oats along with seeds, nuts and dried fruits like pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, peanuts, raisins, and to give a distinct flavor, we use dark chocolate, mocha, yogurt, strawberries, black currants and cranberries, etc.


Eating healthful and nutritious food is the foremost simple and best solution to get rid of excessive body weight effortlessly and become slim and healthy forever. Although, you cannot say that any one product alone can make you lose or gain weight. Literally, not a single food item! But the right kind of products with right ingredients providing great nutritive values will always come to-the rescue to be in good health.