8 Ways to Include the High Protein Peanut Butter in Your Diet

Usually, anything healthy is deemed atrocious to taste. But there is one ingredient that defies all of those tags. It is nothing but high-protein peanut butter. One can make it at home by simply roasting and pulsing the peanuts, or get the tasty and clean Max Protein peanut butter jars at home!

What are the Health Benefits of Peanut Butter?

Plenty, if we can say so. Peanuts and peanut butter are rich in good monounsaturated fats, plant-based proteins, fibre, antioxidants, minerals such as magnesium, and potassium, vitamins such as vitamin A, B-complex, vitamin C and many bioactive components such as phytosterols, and resveratrol among others.

Daily consumption of peanuts and their products have shown to provide long-term health benefits. Consumption of peanut and peanut butter has been shown to improve serum lipid profiles, decrease LDL oxidation, and exert a cardio-protective effect. Due to its protein, fat and fibre profile, research finds peanut butter consumers could manage their weight, feel full for longer and can even prevent steep blood sugar spikes. 1, 2

8 Ways to Eat High Protein Peanut Butter

So, with so many health benefits, peanut butter is a must-include in the diet. We give you 8 interesting ways to include it in your diet

1. Protein bars

The best pick-me-up has a long shelf life and can be easily packed as a go-to snack! Check out our blogs on homemade protein bars for interesting combinations using protein-rich peanut butter. Hint – it also has a healthy choco fudge recipe that is irresistible!

2. Pancake/waffles

Ditch the butter and maple syrup, substituting it with peanut butter. It is rich in good fats and protein, instantly bulking up the carb-rich pancake or waffles. Now this makes it a breakfast fit for healthy kings

3. Peanut butter in smoothies

Go ahead and enrich your morning protein shake with not just taste, but also with fibre and some more protein! Add a tablespoon of pure high-protein peanut butter to your choice of protein shake and feel the creaminess in your smoothies!

4. Peanut butter cookies

Want to make vegan cookies but worried if the cookie will turn out well? Use peanut butter as a high-protein substitute for eggs. Or simply make a keto cookie with eggs, peanut butter and almond flour! Cookies never tasted so yummy and healthy. Except for the Max Protein breakfast cookie! Have you tried it yet?

5. Peanut butter on apples/ants on the log

Want to eat fruit but worried about the sugar spike immediately after? Or have you noticed how fruits always make you hungry for an hour? Pair it with a yummy high-protein peanut butter spread and watch your hunger vanish and your taste buds enjoy the snack! You could make ants on the log but smearing high-protein peanut butter on celery sticks and then placing black raisins on it (to make it look like ants on a green log).

6. Peanut butter overnight chia oats

Planning breakfasts a night before? Try this peanut butter overnight chia oats recipe. Soak chia seeds and oats in the milk of your choice. In the morning, simply mix a tablespoon of peanut butter and there you have a yummy well-balanced breakfast.

7. Peanut butter in parfait anyone?

Flavour your yoghurt with chocolate and peanut butter and then layer it upon muesli, nuts, seeds and fruits of choice to make a really bomb parfait. We are all for complete protein meals and snacks. This parfait is great for it!

8. Peanut butter snickers dupe

Make a healthy version of your favourite chocolate snack that features peanuts. Stuff peanut butter in dates, dip it in molten dark chocolate, freeze and enjoy it like your favourite chocolate. This can also be recreated with peanut butter smeared between 2 banana slices and dipped in chocolate.



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