How Plant Protein is Good for Weight Loss?

The latest topic in the current situation is managing weight. Due to the pandemic, people preferred being at home and ended up over eating with no exercise or very little movement, hence this result in weight gain.

Weight loss is often confused by fat loss. Weight loss is simply a loss of overall body weight which includes fat loss, muscle loss and water loss from the body. Weight loss or weight management can be done with healthy diet and little workout.

One of the important things is choosing high-protein foods for weight loss that provide maximum satiety (feeling full and satisfied) per calorie.

Unlike carbs which gets digested slowly and gives you sustained energy, plant based protein diet lasts through the day and keeps you fit. Plant based protein diet strengthens bones and muscles.

Plant protein sources are nothing but sources of protein that are obtained from plants. Sources include tofu, soya, tempeh, seitan, nuts, seeds, and split peas. They are great protein sources for vegans and vegetarians.

A big advantage offered by plant-based protein sources is that they fulfil the fibre needs of your body.

There are many reasons why plant based protein diet helps in weight loss or weight management.

 Plant Protein for Weight Loss

  1. Longer hours to keep you fulI

Plant based diet keeps you full for longer hours as plant protein is highly rich in fibre and complex carbohydrates which helps to fill you up & prevents you from overeating. Hence plant based protein diet helps to maintain weight or even lose weight.

  1. Reduces late night snacking/ cuts cravings

Some people have habit/craving of late night snacking and they tend to eat wrong foods which results in weight gain. Plant based protein reduces cravings as you are full for longer duration so you do not snack on to wrong eating options anytime in day or night which helps in losing weight. A high intake of plant protein will definitely help in losing weight more effectively.

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  1. Contains all essential amino acids

Amino acids are building blocks of protein and are needed for the synthesis of protein. Plant protein powder contains all essential amino acids which are required by the body and which it cannot produce naturally. Vegan protein powder also contains other important nutrients required for our body such as zinc, calcium and iron to stay healthy.

  1. Create calorie deficit

If you want to lose weight it is important to create a calorie deficit which means to consume fewer calories than you burn. Plant protein powders for weight loss are rich in fibre which gives you a feeling of satiety and keeps you full for a longer duration. Because of which people eat less and this helps in weight loss.

  1. Balances weight hormone

Ghrelin is a hormone that makes you feel hungry. Plant based protein reduces ghrelin levels in the body and boosts your appetite.

  1. Increases calorie burn

High intake of protein tends to boosts metabolism. Even when you are sleeping protein helps in losing weight by burning calories. Plant based protein diet helps in boosting your metabolism. A nicely working metabolism results in good digestion and several calories are burned. Hence, having a sufficient amount of protein helps in weight control.

  1. Maintains muscle mass

Losing muscles can make you look skinny and weak. Having adequate amount of plant protein powder along with weight training 3-4 times a week helps and in losing fat and gaining muscles.

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If you find difficult to fulfil the need of protein required by the body per day from plant protein sources, you can simply have plant based protein powder. Plant protein is one of the best option to lose weight. Usually it is made from natural products like peas, brown rice, peanut and soya. A mixture of these ingredients is highly rich in fibre and saturated fat which makes it the best plant protein for weight loss. You can have 1 scoop of protein powder containing 22-24 g protein by adding it to your milkshakes and smoothies. This will keep you full for longer duration and give a feeling of satiety. Also help in controlling the late night cravings. Hence, plant based protein powder helps in weight management.