Is Muesli Good for Weight Loss? Know the Benefits

Muesli is a mix of nutritious ingredients such as dried fruits, whole grains, nuts & seeds. It is generally served with milk but Max Protein’s muesli can be eaten without milk also.

If you are following a diet plan for weight loss and you want to try something healthy yet delicious, having protein muesli is the best option! It has the perfect combination of protein, carbohydrates, fat & fiber which would help in maintaining your weight.

Muesli Benefits for Weight Loss:

Muesli can be helpful in weight loss diet due to several reasons:

  1. Packed with Whole Grains:

Muesli is loaded with blend of whole grains that are great for your health especially when you are on weight loss journey.

Eating whole grains will help speed up metabolism which would in turn help to burn your calories more heading towards weight loss.

Whole grains are also good source of fiber which would help in weight loss since it will keep you full for longer time thus delaying your next meal. Also, it will help improve your digestive health by keeping bowel movements in check.

  1. Loaded with Fiber:

Protein mueslis are generally loaded with high amount of fiber which would help to keep you feel full and delay your next meal. It also helps in managing blood sugar levels. It will regulate your digestive health by maintain good bowel movements. It also helps in maintaining cholesterol levels.  It would be also easy to digest thus help regulate your gut health.

  1. A wholesome bunch of Anti-oxidants:

Mueslis are packed with nuts, seeds, dried fruits etc. which are good source of Anti-oxidants. It would help in slowing down aging process, they also help fight against cancer and helps protect your heart health. They also help protect damage of the cells and help provides immunity. It is also a source of essential vitamins & minerals to help you fight against disease and provides immunity.

  1. Loaded with good fats:

Mueslis are loaded with healthy fats that would help lower your bad cholesterol levels, increase your good cholesterol levels that will help maintain heart health, also help in weight loss.  Also mueslis are low in saturated fats and also very low in cholesterol making it perfect partner for your weight loss journey. 

  1. Low in Sugar:

Muesli contains comparatively low amount of sugar which is not same with other alternatives. Max Protein’s nuts & seeds muesli is sugar free, loaded with fiber which won’t shoot up your blood glucose levels and will also keep you full for longer time in turn help in weight loss.

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Best Time to Eat Muesli for Weight Loss:

Morning breakfast is extremely necessary to kick start your day. So having something that has proportionate amount of protein, carbohydrates + fiber is the best option for breakfast that will keep you on the go throughout the day.  It will keep you full for longer time thus reducing any in between meals / hunger pangs and helping you avoid any unnecessary & unhealthy snacking. Additionally Max Protein’s muesli can be had along with milk or just like that.

Muesli can also be eaten at lunch time. You can make your lunch more satisfying by adding a bowl of muesli. You can add some yogurt, seeds, nuts & fruits on top to twist the recipe and make it extra filling.

You can also have muesli in dinner as it is light and easy to digest meal. It is a saying that your dinner must be as light as possible. You can also modify the portion size according to your need and hunger. You need to pick a smart muesli as Max Protein’s Muesli for your best guilt free weight loss partner. So, after saying so you can eat muesli at any point of time to satisfy your hunger.