Treat Your Self with Protein Bars as Comfort Foods

When ever you think about food its always ends at what makes you feel best.

That’s what is comfort food; any thing that makes your mind and body relaxed both at same time is what we can call as comfort food. Most of these foods are normally either high on simple carbohydrates or fats. But these foods can also have a lot more negative effects on the internal health which can lead to obesity. However high sugary foods may have comforting feeling they may also lead to increased the cravings; but instead adding it with protein rich things can help in controlling the cravings as well as providing comfort.

Studies have shown that area responsible for your mood are the hippocampus, insula, and caudate are acting when you are having any cravings. So, they normally process the good memory with food that make you feel comfortable after eating that particular food.

There are around 90% of population that get food craving. Women normally tend to get sweet cravings where as men normally tend to get savory craving. But eating them in moderation or correcting your diet can work a great deal.

But how do these foods help emotionally and physically both?

The answer is that our mind associate’s food with good and bad memories so what ever food is related to a positive or a happy situation normally become like the comfort food.

Physically most of these foods that are normally considered as comfort food when consumed release signals that stimulates the brains reward system.

Protein bars as comfort food

Protein bars have good quality whey or soya protein. These bars can work well as a snack even when aiming at weight loss. Protein makes us feel full for a longer time hence they are well-known for its healthy weight loss effects. Protein help in stabilizing the ‘feel good’ hormone levels which affects the mood, behavior, appetite and digestion. These bars also contain nuts that provide fatty acids that are also related to mood uplifting and makes you feel good at times of depression.

Protein bars can also help you satisfy your craving for midnight snacks. It is one of the best healthy late night snacks that you can have while binge watching your favorite show. As we can see that both proteins and fatty acids have similar effect to those of comfort foods. Next time you feel low you can keep a protein bar handy so that you can treat your self while enjoying the snack.